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SITREP on Alaska’s missile defenses

Senator Dan Sullivan (R) of Alaska on Fox News Channel with Dana Perino

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK):

  • Alaska is the cornerstone of the America’s missile defense and a bill has been proposed to strength Alaskan missile defense.
  • The 49th Missile Defense Battalion is protecting the nation with sensors and missiles that detect incoming missiles from other countries. Compared them to the 300 protecting 300 million.
  • The proposed bill would increase the number of ground-based missile interceptors while also integrate missile defense forward theater like THAAD and Aegis with homeland defense. So far has 27 bipartisan senators supporting.

Dana Perino (FNC) Questioned the timely manner at which the bill can be passed while congress is not in session.

Sen. Sullivan (R-AK):

  • The bill is a part of the National Defense Authorization Act and it confident it will be passed in September when congress meets.
  • “… effective diplomacy requires credible military options.”
  • Legally, the administration cannot make any preemptive military moves until congress reassembles, but can react to aggression.


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