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Russia to receive new 5th-gen nuclear attack subs in the 2030s

Russia’s already advanced and improved submarine force will get even more deadly by the 2030s when the navy begins receiving its fifth-generation, nuclear-powered attack boats.

“The fleet will start getting fifth-generation submarines around the 2030s,” Bursuk told TASS news agency on November 30.

Little is known about the design, however. The first concept is expected to be released by the Malakhit Design Bureau in the summer of 2018.

The new class, from a program dubbed “Husky,” will reportedly come in three variants: A nuclear-powered attack sub (SSN); a nuclear-powered cruise missile sub (SSGN); and a new nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

All three variants are expected to share a common hull design as well as common sonar, power and propulsion.

The subs are expected to displace between 4,000 and 6,000 tons depending on the variant, though an SSBN will probably have to be a great deal larger in order to accommodate ICBMs.

Still, Russia is currently in the process of launching a new class of ballistic missile subs — the massive Borei II-class boats — so the Husky-class vessels are believed to be the least likely of the three variants to be built.

The new Husky-class is will likely incorporate various elements such as advanced noise reduction technologies of the Borei-class as well as the Project 885-M Yasen M-class of SSNs. Given financial constraints, one of the principal goals of the Husky program is to build the new subs at much-reduced cost in comparison to their Soviet-designed predecessors. [source]

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