Protests Expected During Trump’s Inspection of the Border Wall Prototypes in San Diego

President Trump will be visiting the site where the border wall prototypes are being tested in San Diego, California today. During the visit Trump will tour the construction site, inspect the eight different prototypes, and learn about their costs, advantages, and disadvantages. (Source:

In support of the president’s visit, the conservative group San Diegans for Secure Borders is hosting a rally for supporters of the president and strong border security. Speakers at the event include Republican Travis Allen who is running for governor of California and a widow from Los Angeles whose husband was killed by an illegal alien. According to the event page on Facebook, the rally will be safe due to a police presence that will “keep any open border radicals and left wing protesters away from our rally.” So far over 300 people have RSVP’d to the rally and another 1000 are interested in attending. (Source:

In contrast with the pro-Trump and pro-border wall rally, there will be numerous protests near the construction site today. One such protest called Stand With Immigrant Families is being hosted by the San Diego Organizing Project and will be held at a church near the construction site. Women’s March San Diego and Women’s March California were originally holding their own joint protest as well, but ultimately decided to join forces with the San Diego Organizing Project at the church. So far over 300 people have RSVP’d to the joint event and another 1000 are interested in attending. Another protest that is being hosted by Nuevo Movimento, San Diego Protests, and San Diego Action United already has over 200 RSVP’s and over a 1000 people interested in attending. The protest was originally going to be held at the same location as the pro-Trump rally, however, according to the events Facebook page, the hosts of the event have decided to move the protest to a different location due to what they perceive to be aggressive pro-Trump individuals who will attempt to disrupt their “peaceful” rally. The new location of the protest has not yet been announced, but I presume that they will be joining the other protestors at the nearby church. (Source: (Source: (Source:

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