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Ocasio-Cortez: Occupy all ICE offices, borders, airports, ‘occupy all of it’

This brief appeared in the National Intelligence Bulletin on 20 July 2018.

Ocasio-Cortez: Occupy all ICE offices, borders, airports, ‘occupy all of it’

Democratic Socialists of America candidate for New York’s 14th District is openly calling for mass protests to occupy ICE officers, airports, and border checkpoints nationwide. “We have to have a rapid response. And I think every day that we go on — especially a day when something that heinous happens — we have to occupy all of it. We need to occupy every airport, we need to occupy every border, we need to occupy every ICE office until those kids are back with their parents, period.” Analyst Comment: A series of protests across the country targeted ICE offices this month, and more are scheduled for later in July. In Portland, protestors actually shut down an ICE office by blocking the entrance. The protest in Portland is on-going, and protestors are complaining that “ICE has been playing children’s music for 5 hours now” on a loud speaker near the protest camp in an attempt to annoy them into leaving. Previously, the ICE office played the introduction song from the Walking Dead: “It seems to play for a couple minutes and is a continuous loop. It’s been playing for 10+ hours now.” [source] Other protests, like ones in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, San Francisco, St. Louis, Columbus (OH), and Miramar (Miami, FL), have resulted in dozens of arrests. Louisville is the site of another protest, and while there were no arrests, police did break up their protest camp.


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