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Obama-era officials attack Trump: Here’s why it’s a big deal

President Trump is no stranger to Twitter feuds. In fact, his use of Twitter probably helped him get elected. As any national populist leader must, President Trump has to keep up the attacks coming from his opponents. It’s something which we’ve grown accustomed to seeing and has been mostly benign.

But over the weekend, former CIA director John Brennan, retired four-star Army general Barry McCaffrey, former UN ambassador Samantha Power, and former attorney general Eric Holder published tweets aimed at the president. It should be cause for concern, exactly because of who they are and what they say.

A warning like this — “when the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known” — would imply that Obama-appointed former CIA director John Brennan knows or claims to know information about potential crimes. In fact, he’s indirectly accusing President Trump of being a criminal. If true, that doesn’t bode well for the president, and certainly if anyone knows of potential wrongdoing, it would be a highly politicized former CIA director. But if this alleged evidence isn’t produced by the Mueller team — a team specifically tasked with legally skinning alive Trump and his associates — then what does this mean for Brennan? If untrue, why would a former CIA director make such a statement to undermine a sitting president?

To be fair, Brennan isn’t so squeaky clean himself: the CIA’s inspector general in 2014 found that Brennan “improperly” spied on Senate staffers and then lied about it. And yet he kept his job. [source]

Or perhaps something worse follows Brennan’s accusation: the Obama-appointed former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations weighed in with a threat of her own. Ms. Power: what exactly will happen when John Brennan is pissed off? And why would Brennan’s anger even matter regarding an investigation?

And then there’s a retired Clinton-era four star Army general warning us that he’s concluded the president is a national security threat. It begs the question, so what then? If that’s true, then what’s going to happen as a result? And what if, tasked with finding evidence of collusion and apparently finding none, the Mueller investigation fails to have the president indicted?

Maybe the president will be indicted. No one can tell the future, and if Mueller has evidence that will hang Trump out to dry, then it’s not been leaked and he’s playing those cards close to his chest while he goes after Trump and his associates on white collar financial crimes.

And the last significant tweet I read was former attorney general Eric Holder weighing in, calling the McCabe firing a “dangerous” situation caused by “an increasingly erratic President”.

I have no solid conclusions, other than to say the amount of vitriol and accusations coming from former Obama officials and others (like Ret. Gen. McCaffrey) serves only to undermine the Trump administration. If Mueller does publish evidence of wrong doing and the president is impeached, then these accusations will have some merit. But if Mueller doesn’t sink Trump, what we have here are highly partisan former officials wielding their influence and engaging in a concerted effort to undermine and destroy a democratically elected president. And if that’s the case, then our country is certainly under assault from within, too.


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. I think this is just more partisan attacks from the Left. If they actually
    had something, it would’ve either been leaked already or brought up in the act of getting charges red. They have nothing. this is just a counterattack trying to turn the optics of the McCabe firing.

  2. What I’m seeing in these tweets is that the administration must have nailed this. “If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target”

    All of these people are well known to have (thus far) gotten away with things anyone else would be in prison for. Maybe the Swamp Drainers are starting to sniff too close for their comfort

  3. Eric Holder, Barry McCaffrey, John Brennan, are all very much Swamp Creatures, and as the swamp drains they are going to be very unhappy to loose their natural habitat. Reactions like this are proof positive that the correct action is being taken.

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