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North Korea Improves Hacking Abilities

As North Korea’s budget for missile testing is depleting, Pyongyang is focusing more on hacking and cyber-attacks.

A new group called APT37, or Reaper, is a hacking group with ties to North Korea. The group operates by using “wiper malware” with the intention to cause disruption.

Attacks with similar traits include the 2014 attack of Sony. While APT37 is not believed to be as aggressive as the Sony hackers, it is believed that they still work in intelligence-gathering for North Korea.

The group also works in retaliation for the North Korean government targeting South Korea after the defection of a soldier and a Middle Eastern company after a deal went bad. It appears that North Korea’s goal in hacking primarily is in intelligence gathering while using the group’s tools to keep tabs on defectors as well as target journalists writing about human rights.

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