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(E) The Area Study & the Area Assessment

By now, you should have a really good idea of the kind of information we’re looking for, and also what you want to go in your Area Study. I look at my Area Study like this:

If the power were to go off tonight, no cell towers, no internet, no fuel, no nothing — truly a worst case scenario — what kind of information would you need to know?

Put yourself in that situation: what kinds of questions are you asking? As you look out your front door, what are you wondering? How prepared are my neighbors? Which of my neighbors might be dangerous in the hours and days ahead? If there are transients or mobs or looters or gangs coming from outside the neighborhood, where will they originate? Which places in or around my neighborhood might be a high threat area — for instance, gas stations, grocery stores, anywhere that might be looted or robbed? How can I figure out what’s going on out there? How can I get early warning?

All of these questions are intelligence gaps.  Those questions you might be asking yourself are intelligence requirements. Those are the questions that need to be answered, so I just start thinking about the things I’d want to know in that situation, and then I answer them in writing in my Area Study.

You can start your own Area Study that fits your needs or you can download this template (DOWNLOAD WORD DOC). Be sure to use your Operating Environment worksheet to fill in the Intelligence Requirements relevant for your area.

Additionally, you can use this completed Area Study as a guide (DOWNLOAD PDF).

Lastly, here’s the DRAFT Area Assessment Tool. Score each community factor (0-4), and then add the scores together to receive a general Area Assessment Score. (DOWNLOAD PDF)



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