ASL – Lesson Two: Human Terrain & Critical Infrastructure

Hello, and welcome to Lesson Two of Area Study Live.

Tonight’s lesson will be streamed here. Register and I’ll see you there at 7pm. (This link will also register you for each Tuesday night session.)

In Lesson Two, we’re going to focus on two areas:

  1. Human Terrain
  2. Critical Infrastructure

Here’s my work for this week, so far: DOWNLOAD

Due-Outs for Week 2 (of 4):

  1. Complete Week 1’s assignments
  2. Examine the Human Terrain of the AO
    1. Names/Identities
    2. Demographics
    3. Socioeconomics
    4. Politics/Ideology
    5. Attitudes, Beliefs, Behaviors
  3. Examine the Human Terrain of the AI
    1. Demographics
    2. Socioeconomics
    3. Key Influencers
  4. Examine the Critical Infrastructure of the AO
  5. Examine the Critical Infrastructure of the AI


Human Terrain

Names & Addresses:
WhitePages (Reverse Lookup)

CityData (Address & Zip Code)
Census Factfinder (Zipcode)
NeighborhoodScout (Paid the $29, not worth it)
U.S. Zip Codes
Zip-Codes (alternative source; may be newer)

CityData (Address & Zip Code)
BLS (County)

OpenSecrets (Easier if you find a name on social media, then search for current town and hometown)

Attitudes, Beliefs, Behaviors
Facebook & Social Media (Name Search)

Crime Trends

Population Intelligence Requirements (DOWNLOAD)


Consider ASCOPE Factors

Areas, Structures, Capabilities, Organizations, People, Events


Critical Infrastructure

Energy Information Administration

Critical Infrastructure Requirements (DOWNLOAD) KMZ database

We’ll discuss available KMZ and Shapefiles during tonight’s lecture.


Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.

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