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Left wing outlets push “Abolish the Senate” message



“Abolish the Senate.”

There’s growing sentiment in left wing circles that to achieve fairness in politics, the Senate should be abolished. (I’ll explain how in a moment…)

This opinion’s been published in left wing outlets like ThinkProgress, GQ, Washington Post, Jacobin, and others.

It was trending on social media and has been featured on left wing blogs.

Last month, Hillary Clinton called for abolishing the Electoral College. Now many progressives want to dismantle one part of the system of checks and balances.

I continually provide evidence that the United States is in a high grade culture war and that we’ve already entered into a low grade domestic conflict.

And every time I second guess or have doubts about my conclusions, I look at just how far left the Left wants to push our society, politics, and the U.S. Government.

A growing number of them want to end the American system of governance as know it.


Here’s their argument against the Senate

Population trends show that America’s cities are exploding.

As a result, by 2040, approximately 70 percent of the country’s population will live in just 15 states and have 30 senators. (Nine states will be home to 50 percent of the population.)

They complain that 70 percent of the population will have 30 senators, while the remaining 30 percent of the population residing in 35 states will have 70 senators.

They say it’s unfair.

The Senate, reliably Republican in 2018 and likely to remain so in 2020, was designed to represent the States.

The House was designed to represent the People.

That’s how our bi-cameral legislature works. But right now, it’s working against left wing “progress”.


My concern…

Many have fairly criticized President Trump for eroding political norms and pushing the boundaries of the guardrails that keep our Republic functioning. That’s fair enough; even I can admit that.

Looking ahead to 2020, I don’t consider President Trump to be a shoo-in for re-election.

And looking at the stable of Democratic up-and-comers and influencers, there’s a good chance they run a left wing economic populist to subvert Trump’s support among blue collar whites. Without them, Trump would not have won the Electoral College.

America could have an abrupt change of direction in two short years.

Are you ready for that? Is America ready for that?


Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. The dream of the commies has been to remove any and all impediments to their quest for absolute power, and one of the most significant impediments is the Constitution and people who remain loyal to it. Communism is in the end a religion masquerading as a political philosophy, wherein the State is god, and unbelievers are to be torched. Progressivism is one of the larger sects of that religion. This religion will either be imposed upon all of us, or the rest of us will be obliged to bludgeon its adherents into obscurity.

  2. The US Senate was abolished in 1913. In its place a Super Representative body was installed, keeping only the number per state and length of term.

    I propose a total repeal of the 17th Amendment which would replace the Super Representative with the senate as written into the Constitution. This reduces or eliminates the campaign finance issues for senators.

  3. If the people in rural America, better known as “deplorable’s”, want to loose all representation no matter how many show up at the poles then abolish the Senate and Electoral College. Folks, we need to get back to those documents we call the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. What we have going now is what my boss use to call a Cluster F**K. Both sides are creating more chaos and division in our system than we as a people should tolerate. We have the judiciary creating legislation, we have legislators doing the judiciary,s job. We have the executive branch, up until lately doing all the jobs in certain cases. This all leads to what we are seeing today. The rule of law is basically none existent today. We have conflicts of interest across the board.

    As I see this whole thing unfolding, I am thinking we have one party with two names. They have selfishly constructed the three once separate houses of government to serve them and the their desire to loot and control the people that elect them. If we abolish the Senate and Electoral College we will only accelerate our destruction.

    I pray that rural America rises up and stops this madness. I also pray they vote to KEEP our Senate and Electoral College.

  4. But I thought libtards were all about protecting minorities? Seems they really don’t practice what they preach, otherwise they would embrace our republican form of government.

    1. Libtards are all about virtue-signalling to each other. They don’t care about POC’s and other “minorities” except that they are tools to get and keep power.

  5. Our system of government has been subverted for quite sometime.
    Who do you know that calls this country a Republic anymore?
    Everyone thinks we live in a democracy. Okee Dokee.

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