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King County, Wash., police to go after guns of those convicted of domestic abuse

King County, Wash., officials are preparing to go after guns possessed by persons convicted of domestic abuse. Council members approved $600,000 in funding — unanimously — to target those convicted of domestic abuse who refuse to turn over their firearms to police, as the law requires. The council approved the measure just a day after a Texas man convicted of domestic abuse killed 26 people in a small-town church; the Air Force admitted it had failed to report the former airman’s conviction and court-martial for domestic abuse to the FBI, as required by federal statutes. “Too many times weapons aren’t being surrendered. The perpetrator is denying that they even exist and we know that’s not true in many cases,” said King County Council Chair Joe McDermott. Analyst comment: While ‘reasonable’ people might argue that ‘in this case’ funding police confiscations of firearms is ‘justified,’ it’s one step closer to familiarizing local cops with this inherently dangerous task. Given that police departments have utilized heavily-armed SWAT units to make arrests for minor drug offenses, we have to believe they will most certainly be used for gun confiscation raids. Only, in this case, it won’t take nearly as much for an officer to mistake an action by a suspect as ‘dangerous’ and ‘threatening,’ then shooting first while asking questions later. This is just not a good idea.

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