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Iran claims to have warned off U.S. warships during large maritime drills

The Iranian military says it warned two U.S. warships out of an area of the Persian Gulf, in international waters, as its maritime forces conducted large-scale military exercises.

“This morning and in the first hours of the drills, two warships of the coalition which had approached the drills zone to monitor the Iranian Navy units were identified by the Navy drones,” Rear Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Moussavi, who is leading the Iranian war drills, was quoted as telling Iran’s state-controlled press outlets.

“After declaring the issue to the drills’ tactical base, the patrolling and reconnaissance planes flew over the coalition warships and warned them [to leave the region] and the warships left the drills zone,” according to Moussavi.

Iran’s army, navy and air defense forces are participating in the drills.

U.S. Navy officials had a different version of events.

“One U.S. warship operating in the Gulf of Oman received a transmission from Iranian maritime forces announcing an Iranian exercise,” Cmdr. William Urban, a spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. “The U.S. warship continued to execute its mission and did not alter operations as a result of the radio transmission,” Urban said. “U.S. warships continue to sail and operate wherever international law allows.” [source]

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