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Gun Store Robberies in 2017 (List)

Date Location URL Summary
1/3/17 Cumming, GA Five men and one juvenile were charged with robbing a gun club.
1/10/17 Mableton, GA Gun store owner was shot at, then he returned fire shooting and kill one suspect while one escaped.
1/13/17 Kansas City, MO Several firearms were stolen during the break in but the exact number is undetermined.
1/17/17 Houston, TX 4 burglars attempted to rob the gunstore, the employees took up arms and pursued the suspects outside. Then after 2 suspects fleed they shot at the store. The employees then returned fire with AR-15s shooting a suspect.
1/18/17 Pelham, AL 16 firearms were stolen and the suspects were caught on camera.
1/26/17 Minneapolis, MN 3 suspects were charged with stealing and attempting to sell about 75 guns.
1/29/17 Lakeland, FL The store was robbed of 46 hand guns in under three minutes according to the alarm and deputy response time.
2/13/17 Shipshewana, IN–413587143.html 14 guns were stolen, semi-automatic handguns because of their higher street value.
2/23/17 Easton, PA 28 handguns were stolen.
2/28/17 Denver, CO Dozens of guns were stolen and the man has been sentenced to six years in prison.
3/9/17 Rockville, MD More than 30 weapons were stolen from the gun shop in less than 90 seconds.
3/13/17 Mentor, Ohio Thieves attempted to rob the gun store but after 2 failed attempts, left.
3/15/17 Fredericksburg, VA The attempted robbery resulted in no stole weapons.
3/23/17 Cincinnati, Ohio Police arrested 2 suspects in the robbery of a gun store.
3/23/17 Cleveland, OH Police thwarted an attempted robbery of a gun store.
4/7/17 Rock County, WI 16 weapons were stolen and according to the FBI, could be related to a plot of mass violence
4/9/17 Arvada, CO An unknown number of guns were stolen in the robbery than lasted less than 2 minutes.
4/11/17 Chicago, IL The suspect stole a handgun but the incident was not reported until 8 days after.
4/12/17 Zephyhills, FL Robbers drove a pick up truck throgh the wall in order to gain entry and stole an undetermined cache of weapons and ammo
4/13/17 Merriam, KS Thieves stole weapons valued somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000.
4/14/17 Whiteville, NC More than 50 weapons were stolen from a gun exchange.
4/18/17 Colorado Springs, CO 22 guns were stolen in less than 5 minutes by 4 masked robbers.
4/19/17 Raleigh, NC Suspects stole over 100 handguns.
4/20/17 Camby, IN A car was used to run into a store wall in order to rob the store, but ultimately failed.
4/23/17 Kansas City, MO 21 guns were stolen from the store but all were recovered.
4/27/17 Gresham, OR 4 revolvers, 2 semi-automatic hand guns, and 1 AR-15 were stolen.
4/28/17 Oak Forest, IL 40 guns were stolen from the firing range by three black males.
5/5/17 Apache Junction, AZ 6 high-powered semi-automatic rifles were stolen by three suspects
5/8/17 Olive Branch, MS 67 guns were stolen including 2 AR-15s and several shotguns.
5/10/17 Alvin, TX In less than a minute, robbers stole over a dozen handguns.
5/22/17 Warr Arces, OK Thieves stole guns and jewelry from the pawn store .
5/24/17 Litteton, CO Potentially 4 connected gun store robberies, this was the third in the chain. It resulted in 11 stolen handguns.
5/26/17 Lakewood, CO 12 semi-automatic rifles and handguns were stolen.
5/30/17 Barboursville, WV More than 100 handguns were stolen from the pawn shop.
5/30/17 Euless, TX The thieves stole 39 handguns.
5/31/17 Olathe, KS 36 firearms were stolen and valued at $28,000.
6/2/17 Wentzville, MO Three rifles were stolen in relation with other thefts.
6/6/17 Nashville, TN Several firearms were stolen during the break in.
6/7/17 Trussville, AL One firearm was stolen during business hours.
6/12/17 Austin, TX–law/000-reward-offered-after-thieves-hit-northwest-austin-gun-store-police-say/jDDc7vDflJXj3L83TXJqkM/ 6 firearms were stolen by two thieves.
6/12/17 Clarksville, TN 45 firearms were stolen including rifles and handguns.
6/19/17 Hernando, FL 3 suspects were wanted in connection with attempted robbery of a gun store.
6/20/17 Lawrenceville, GA Although construction equipment was used in the attempted robbery, no guns were stolen.
6/27/17 Buckingham, VA 7 pistols were stolen by 3 suspects.
6/28/17 Brooklyn, NY The attempted robbery resulted in gunfire being exchanged and no weapons being stole.
6/28/17 O’Fallon, MO 20 guns were stolen and it could be connected with a spree of other thefts.
7/1/17 Memphis, TN 43 guns were stolen from the gun range.
7/2/17 Lodi, CA An unknown number of handguns were stolen.
7/3/17 Chesterfield, VA Multiple suspects were accused of attempting to rob a gun store multiple times over a few hours.
7/4/17 Lexington County, SC 39 handguns were stolen from the outdoor store.
7/15/17 Greenville, NC 2 suspects armed with a rifle stole an unknown number of guns.
7/25/17 Greenville, SC 43 weapons were stolen after the robbers drove a van into the building.
7/28/17 Eastlake, Ohio 60 handguns and 10 long guns were stolen from the firearm shop.
8/7/17 Red Springs, NC 6 people were charged with stealing 25 weapons including handguns and assault rifles.
8/11/17 Lone Tree, CO 20 firearms were stolen from the Cabela’s store.
8/17/17 Cobb County, GA 4 men robbed a gun store for an unknown number of weapons.
8/22/17 Dothan, AL Glock handguns were the only weapons stolen from the gun store.
8/29/17 Colorado Springs, CO 65 guns were stolen from the firing range.
9/8/17 Anchorage, AK 36 firearms were stolen including pistols, three shotguns, a rifle, and revolver.
9/11/17 Orlando, FL Two teens attempted to steal guns during Hurricane Irma.
9/11/17 Austin, TX 34 guns were stolen from an Austin gun store.
9/13/17 Kingwood, TX 21 rifles were stolen during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
9/15/17 Daytona, FL 35 handguns were stolen while Hurricane Irma hit Daytona Beach.
9/20/17 Gallatin, TN The number of weapons in unsure but it is certain that an AR-15 was stolen.
9/21/17 Alexandria, LA 16 firearms were stolen worth roughly $6,500 by one suspect.
9/23/17 Grand Rapids, MI 4 suspects stole 33 guns in total and only 5 have been recovered. The guns were stolen from three different stores.
9/25/17 Mount Juliet, TN No weapons were stolen after precautions were taken by the owner after another break-in in June.
9/26/17 Clear Spring, MD 19 handguns were stolen from the gun store.
9/27/17 Hutto, TX Suspects stole handguns but did not attempt to break into any other cases.
10/5/17 Watsonville, CA The robbery ended without any weapons being stolen and a 17 hour standoff.
10/16/17 Columbus, OH 26 handguns were stolen.
10/18/17 Smyrna, TN Several semi-automatic handguns and revolvers were stolen from the Guns-N-More.
10/22/17 Cross Plains, WI The suspect stole several firearms after crashing his car into the storefront.
10/23/17 Glenville, NY Three suspects stole 40 rifles and hand guns.
10/24/17 Roseville, MI The suspect broke through the roof and stolen an unknown amount of weapons.
10/24/17 Fresno, CA Police believe approximately 23 rifles and 24 handguns were stolen.
10/29/17 Colonie, NY It is unclear the number of weapons stolen.
11/2/17 Tuscon, AZ A gun store owner confronted and stopped an attempted robbery.
11/6/17 Brighton, CO Two suspects assaulted a man while stealing several guns.
11/10/17 St. Louis, MO An old shotgun and 5 handguns were stolen.
11/10/17 Tulsa, OK More than a dozen AR-15s were stolen after two men crashed their car into the building.
11/16/17 Urbandale, IA A thief only stole 3 BB guns from the gun store.
11/16/17 Seville, OH 16 handguns were stolen and 4 rifles.
11/17/17 Greenwood, IN A thief tunneled into a gun store and got away with 9 guns.
11/20/17 Memphis, TN 17 guns were stolen after an armed robbery.
11/27/17 Crestwood, MO The thieves stole an undiscolsed amount of weapons including long guns, handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
12/10/17 Phoenix, AZ 26 guns were stolen including pistols and rifles.
12/15/17 Clive, IA Thieves stole 18 guns including 7 fully automatic weapons.
12/19/17 Dickson, TN 19 firearms were stolen.
12/21/17 Highland Township, PA According to police, someone stole several firearms by a suspect who entered through a removed air conditioing unit.
12/21/17 Hendersonville, TN Police arrested 5 suspects after an attempted gun store robbery.
12/26/17 Bellvue, WA A stolen car was used to crash into the gun shop and steal multiple firearms.
12/26/17 Oklahoma City, OK A single suspect stole several rifles.
12/27/17 Loves Park, IL An unknown number of guns were stolen.
12/28/17 Clarksville, TN Thieves stole 25 semi-automatic pistols, 3 revolvers and 3 rifles.
12/29/17 Fayetteville, GA 5 suspects were arrested after attempted to rob a Dick’s Sporting Goods of weapons.
12/30/17 Spotsylvania, VA Three thieves stole several guns around 3am.

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