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Forward Observer Podcast Episode 002 – James Wesley Rawles (Survival Blog)

Welcome back to another addition of the Forward Observer Podcast.  This week we have James Wesley Rawles on the show (interviewed by former Associate Editor, Ian Hawthorne), and a very special announcement: our sponsor, CATI Armor, is going to give away a complete set of steel plates (front, back, and 2x sides) along with a plate carrier to a lucky subscriber.  We’ll hold a drawing in November and select one of our Print and Digital Subscribers.

Show Notes:

Survival Blog

How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

 CATI Armor


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. The text of the interview was published in FO magazine, right? I started listening to the podcast on my way to work, and it all sounded familiar, but I could not recall immediately where I’d heard these words. Then i remembered that I had read this interview in the FO magazine.

    1. Yes, this is the audio version of the interview. We’ll work on not duplicating in the future, but it’s Jim Rawles. I thought people needed to hear it.

      1. Very good. I agree that his message is important, and so intelligently stated. I’ll be subscribing to FO Magazine and regularly listening to the podcast, so glad to hear the duplication will be minimal.

        I can tell you that I wholeheartedly appreciate his words about how the liberty movement is not a front for neo-nazis, skinheads, racists, etc. It is crucial for the general public to hear that and to know that. Liberty is about live and let live.

    1. I am a Christian and as a Christian am supposed to embrace truth. There are some hardcore truths about race and reality. That these truths were abandoned is part of the reasons for our problems in the first place.

  2. This is one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long time for a guy who is just telling it how it is.

  3. Mr. Rawles has a great wealth of information and knowledge that is based on empirical evidence, experience and investment in education, yet he is willing to look to an entity that he has faith in its existence for answers to questions or problems one may face in a SHTF scenario. Anyone can likely figure out the solution to problems due to their knowledge and reasoning skills, without prayer. While prayer may bring solace to oneself, it serves no purpose in making good decisions.

  4. Whew! This is a very long comment…

    Linked here today (20 dec 2014) from WesternRifleShooters. I note that Mr. Rawles takes great pains early on (about 6:00 mark) to declare his redoubt-movement isn’t racist and to distance himself from stereotypical “racists” like neo-nazis and skinheads. But he also notes how the MSM uses the R-word indiscriminately to demonize decidedly non-racist groups like Patriots, the TeaParty, and Survivalists/Preppers. Somehow I feel that trying to pre-empt the MSM’s charge of racism ends up giving their constant sniffing around for it all the more credibility. The MSM fears speakers and writers like Mr. Rawles who challenge the Statist-quo; it needs the brainwashed masses to stay that way or it would have no audience.

    It was ironic how, in conjunction with his belief in the Freedom-of-Association, Mr. Rawles pointed out much later in the show that he doesn’t swallow the party-line that Islam Means Peace. He stated how he personally would never choose to live in a high-density Muslim area. Granted that’s not Racist per se (though Muslims and MSM Islamophiles would happily call him that), but it IS plain old “separatist.” (I suspect he’d stay far far away from a predominately Wiccan community, too.)

    But neither listeners to the podcast nor the show participants can deny, certainly, that the Fed’s own statistics prove Crime is rampant in predominantly Black neighborhoods and cities. Once aware of this, so what if I or others choose to practice different types of Freedom-of-Association? And so what if sometimes those associations turn out to be superficially “racist?” Have you seen some of the routine violent brawls captured on phone-cameras in mostly-Black schools? Ditto of Whites who ventured into “the wrong parts” of these high-crime areas and found themselves in grave danger: being attacked in their vehicles at stoplights or while merely walking down the sidewalk or at a mall…knockout game, anyone?

    I can wholeheartedly Thank-you for pointing out the potential problems for those of us in towns and cities with electric pumps in their water supply systems. I’m not embarrassed to say I hadn’t thought of that aspect of preparation before. I’ll endeavor to never refuse to accept previously unknown aspects of reality – meaning I want ALL of it. Without being open-minded it might have meant even more suffering in my future. On your part, I hope you can come to see that sometimes some Truths actually ARE racist.

    1. I got a really weird felling about this guy after hearing him go through the whole race anti semi te speech and some of the other things like secession being settled in 1860 and a chance to work within the current pitiful system. I would think he has been in this thing and is intelligent enough to accept the realities of the situation. I mean as a white man he is the one under attack and his enemies who are promoting his destruction sure aren’t worried being labeled anti white. Just a really creepy feeling with this guy.

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