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FO Podcast Episode 022 – The Syrian Refugee Crisis & How It Could Affect You


In this week’s podcast, I talk about Islam, the Syrian refugee crisis, Europe’s past and future wars with Islam, and how it all could affect you.


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I referenced a map during this podcast; here’s the link to view it.


Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. We can not have different rules and laws for everyone that comes to America. If someone wants to live here they need to follow the laws of our land. They should not have special privileges because they come from another country. Sharia Law is violent and deadly. It would be breaking the laws of America. I am disturbed and fear for my daughters and all women and children if America stooped so low as to concede Sharia Law as a law in America. God help us.

    So far, every picture I see of ‘Syrian refugees’ are all men. Why don’t they stay in Syria and fight for their own country? Why now are they considered refugees, why now? I can’t accept this. I find it extremely alarming that America is opening doors to these ‘Syrian refugees’ who, I am quite sure are all Islamist. Seriously dangerous and I do not like it.

  2. Found your podcast through Radio Free Redoubt.
    Smart analysis of the situation, I think.
    One thing I thought it might help to clarify is the use of “hermeneutics” and “exegesis” in biblical interpretation. Hermeneutics is a general label for the discipline of interpretation; i.e. studying the rules and processes for arriving at a sound understanding of the meaning of a text. The practical application of this is exegesis. So, we think about how we interpret and then we interpret. In a way, they sort of relate to the same thing.
    You made a great point about different meaning of the texts: yes, the warfare commands in the Old Testament were a one-time deal, whereas the directives of Jesus are mostly ongoing imperatives. Figuring those out though are both exegesis.
    As any Christian who takes their faith seriously will understand, Islam is bound by it’s book. Those who fit the Western ideal of peace-loving get-along with everyone types are considered compromisers. I think that’s why radical Islam has such appeal: the house of Islam is messed up, and the moderates who preside have not made it all-powerful in the world, the tradition teaches something different from the moderates, so one must reject the moderates and power and submission to God must be pursued along those radical lines. Its also more exciting and lucrative. The secularists don’t understand the power this has for folks. They want to return to the medieval world-view. ISIS would be right at home in 600-1600. The very people who work with us make themselves the enemy of the radicals because they seem to compromise their faith.
    In the West, we just can’t get it. Our Christian heritage has become tamed and packaged, no longer the core belief in many’s lives and made kinder and gentler. No one realizes that Jesus is a divine ruler who will return and slay all of His enemies. To them, He is just a really nice guy, teaching His followers to be rabbits in a world of wolves and we will win them over by our culinary delights. We are, of course, very different from Islam in that we know ultimate Justice and Rule will be imposed by Christ when He returns, and there will always be spiritual warfare in the world until then. We are also called to be people of mercy and godly righteousness. And… there are actually too many differences to go on about it. (More than I already have).
    Keep up the good work!

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