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FO Podcast Episode 020 – Editor’s Choice

This week, we’re trying something new: I provide my thoughts on a few articles currently in the news.

I talk about reducing complexity of governance, the possibility that Jade Helm is a legitimate exercise for future operations in the event the Mexican government collapses, and the benefits that increased Chinese immigration provides to Chinese Intelligence services.




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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. Hello,

    Hands down that is the best podcast to date. Keep up the great work. The part that I like the most about the webinars, outside of what I am there to learn, is when you just give your thoughts and opinions on real life stuff.

  2. Great input!
    Having seen this posted:
    Had me thinking that, “about time,” in regards to Jade Helm. The US had been threatened from the Southern Border in the last two World Wars. (“Axis Powers” attempted to instigate a front between US and Mexico.) A massive training scenario made sense from that perspective, as well as you had pointed out that Mexico is being reported as a Flailing entity, as opposed to a secured ‘State.
    You had mentioned China, in the US as Industrial & Financial espionage. Remember China is making micro-chips for the US Military. Have you noticed that a few of their latest military creations seem carbon copy of US creations? I can’t find the info about US patents making their way to China, but I do remember the issue. As well as this little ditty from the local news:
    So yeah, China wants to get the inside scoop like any other business driven Nation/Corporation. The Chinese are very friendly with Mexico.
    Lot’s of financial opportunity, with our Southern neighbor whose military frequently, “aggressively,” crosses the border, with a “Frienenmy,” from the South Seas doing business and establishing “Free Trade Zones,” that are hard to inspect and control smuggling, etc, etc…
    Not that it overtly means anything, though is a building block of understanding international relations.


  3. Excellent broadcast-citizens need a real balance to the continual bombardment by all media sources. Jade Helm is there-I am a longhaul
    trucker and have been treated by absolute respect by both US Border Patrol, and the demeanor of soldiers everywhere. The issue that we
    Americans face is the POSSE COMMITATUS ACT.Yes, we are at war and citizenry should understand military priorities. In 1861, the
    military took over the domestic tranquility; equally, return to civilian control occured. Your accessment about MEXICO-excellent! Martial
    Law can only be permitted if guarantee og return to Posse Commitatus. We are no longer the folks of 1860-65.
    Nough’ Said
    von Oberst

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