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FO Podcast Episode 019 – Is Russia Really About to Invade the States?

On today’s podcast, I dispel the rumors of this “imminent” Russian invasion. Is Russian president Vladimir Putin one fry short of a Happy Meal? Of course. But does the Russian military have the capability to invade America?

Find out on today’s podcast!


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. I got the impression a lot of the anti Russian propaganda that is floating around is too drum up civilian support for NATO involvement in Ukraine. Poorly crafted PAYOPS can still sometimes work. Look at the Iraq WMD reports.

  2. I really enjoy listening to your podcast during my commute. It is also neat to see the progression (for the good) the way the show has become better over time.
    One thing I want to mention, and this is not a criticism. When you were discussing the command structure of Russian forces and the inability and lack of flexibility of their organization overall. One crucial thing that was left out, the NCO! the backbone of the Army. Russian and Soviet forces do not have any NCO Corps to do the actual heavy lifting, leaving everything on the Jr Officer Corps.

    Again not a criticism, an observation.
    Keep you the good work! Look forward to future podcasts.

  3. Folks that are not aware enough to understand why Russia is not an invasion threat are not reading much and need to step up their game. Seriously. For that matter if it isnt self-evident to a person, they are definitely not ready to be The G.

  4. Excellent broadcast! I do study the military history of Russia since the Viking Exploration. She has absolutely every right to defend the integrity
    of Russia. I disagree with US troops inside Ukraine-that could help push WWIII. To the contrary, American’s face the enemy within our
    borders and a should be legitimate government lock-down of the Mexican border. Finally stop the third world immigrant invasion of peoples
    who have no intent to assimilate. We commit suicide as a nation for failure to correct these issues.

  5. After listening to this I started becoming wishful there might be a follow-up Podcast but with China this go around.

    Any chance of that occurring in the near future? I, for one, think it is a worthwhile discussion to compare and contrast the possibilities across the two nations.

  6. Well argued. Here’s my take (for what it’s worth, as I am only a careful reader). China is Dick Dastardly and Russia is Muttley… not loyal to each other but in the same car. China reads and takes seriously American military doctrine and while our media mocked “shock and awe” the Chinese were reading it and figuring out application, including “swarming”. Also, China will not invade the US, at least not until we have already capitulated. They will wall us in until we are unable to act. I see a sudden knock-out punch: 1) super-sonic cruse missiles to disable our main blue water ships 2) our satellites blinded 3) Russia disables our deep sea communications cables 4) cyber-war upon our infrastructure 5) a financial attack, perhaps dumping all our bonds suddenly or calling in everything we owe them. With enough disruption they could lock down the country in a matter of days without boots on the ground. They will paralyze us and seek to throw us into financial and internal chaos, and what else need they do? They want to dominate the world, not crush out of existence their main market.

    1. War with the U.S. in not in China’s, nor Russia’s, best interest. Do they have the capability to disable our C4ISR? Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet that the pursue that option.

      1. I hope you’re right. But I specifically didn’t say war. Not full on conventional war anyway. They are already conducting unconventional aggression toward us. What is their interest? Isn’t it empire? The only thing I can see holding them back from a scenario such as above is nuclear retaliation.

        1. Their immediate interest is sovereignty, which is actually more threatened if they start a war with us. Outside of that, it’s continued commerce and international trade. If Russia starts a war, their commerce is threatened.

          1. I agree with you 100pc on Russia. I can see your argument about China, but suspect they are just biding their time and waiting for their strength to build. They are slowly absorbing territory, and now reaching out into international regions. Their strategy reminds me of their fortress domination of Korea in the medieval period. Will they stop when they have enough? If there is a perceived limit of possibility, perhaps. I believe they have a superiority complex and will not rest until they are the dominant power. But who knows how it will play out with the forecast Chinese population collapse in the next 50 years. Anyway, I really enjoy your podcast. Thanks for responding!

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