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FO Podcast Episode 015 – Glen Tate, Author of 299 Days

On today’s podcast, we have Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days series.  He talks with us about his books, about preparedness, and about resistance to tyranny.



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Be sure to check out 299 Days at, Amazon, and the 299 Days website.


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. Great podcast. I like the aspect of not just preparing for the worst, but banding together to build the best which there is no time like the present to start doing.

  2. After listening to the podcast I bought his audio book of which I’m just finishing listening to the last few minutes.

    I think Glen Tate really does a great job at speaking to and explaining a current that is running through western society in General. It’s the first audio book I’ve ever listened too and it had a lot of good info in it.

  3. I bought the books because of the podcast, and to say they were very addicting and well thought out. One thing I must say is that Mr. Tate understands personal politics and coherently explains them better than anyone even Mosby, and that is sorely lacking in FreeFor. Doubt me then go to WRSA and read the numbnut ideologes prattling on and on and on while convincing no one of anything.

  4. Great podcast. Thanks for letting me know about the I-Tunes, I will be giving you 5 stars! These books sound great and I will purchase as soon as I can., as soon as I pay off some things owed that must be paid first.
    Islands of Freedom is most likely what will happen and I think a very realistic scenario. How well those Islands of Freedom will do will still be dependent on the leadership and the ability of the leadership to form a team (cell) that is trained up in all specialties prior to any major event; so that they can bring together and teach the willing who are sitting on the fence, and will continue to sit on the fence until the SHTF.
    What people should be doing now is setting the stage. Forming coop buying clubs could be immensely helpful, buying free range pastured meats, etc. perhaps gear at a discount. Becoming active in farmers markets and getting to know the farmers and ranchers in your local area. Visit the local feed store and see who raises free range chickens, rabbits, buffalo, pork, lamb, beef, organic vegetables, and try to get to know them. Join a local orienteering club, a ham radio club, and your shooting range for sure. Learn organic food storage. Slowly build relationships that put you in touch with people most likely to form a group when the SHTF. If you live in a city this can be done by building a network the very same way.
    While you’re doing this, which should be part of your lifestyle and not a job, you must build that team that all this will all revolve around; that way your Island of Freedom will have a very good chance of surviving because surviving will not be easy even if you do all of the above.

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