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FO Podcast Episode 012 – I Will Not Comply

Today we talk with Davy Jones, a participant at the I Will Not Comply Rally in Olympia, WA this past weekend.  1,800 protesters turned up against I-594, an anti-2A law.

Davy is a former Navy corpsman with two tours in Afghanistan, and talks a bit about tactical medicine as well.


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. If the MRAT was for the drug war or criminal illegals the deputy would of said it. However, he said it was for constitutionalists as that is what what he is told during training and that is what his was told when it was purchased. However, that was supposed to be an in house secret and now that the beans are tipped over its all about damage control.

    In Vegas two Government Informers were kicked out of the Bundy Ranch and then ended up in a shoot out at a Walmart. How is that the liberty movement?

    The greatest advocates of the Police State are the Police. In the hope of saving your life they are making the community a prison system. This Sheriff has his head so far up his A$$ it is sickening.

  2. Speaking of the ‘common sicknesses’ – i highly recommend Sam Coffman’s herbal medic training online (or in person in Bulverde, Texas).

    For the most part herbalism fills the gaps for the small stuff in replacement of pharmaceuticals. The little stuff that can really get you like infection control for lacerations or cuts, respiratory infections, UTIs, snake bites, immune response, etc are solvable pretty with herbs.

    Take one of his online classes for herbalism. Herbalism can really go well hand in hand with conventional medicine, TC3, trauma surgery, etc – for healing

  3. I had a chance to listen to a speech from the guys from “I will not Comply” over the protest outside of the Spokane sheriffs department on Dec 20th. Wow are they pretty awesome guys. I hope they keep up the great work. Getting these govt terrorists fired is the best way to keep the govt honest.

  4. Great episode. As a medical guy, I would love to hear more episodes relating to tactical and grid down medicine.


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