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FO Podcast Episode 008 – Appalachian Redoubt: “The Mountain Way”

On today’s podcast, we speak with some residents of the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina about being prepared and building community.



CATI Armor



NC Renegade

Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. This podcast reminds me of so many people that move to the country and get sad at the smell of cow s**t, the sound of gun fire and sight of fire works in the blackness of night.

    I lived in Idaho years ago, many people from California were moving there to get away from drugs and crime. However, their kids were a source of both drugs and crime as they couldn’t leave California behind.

    Thanks for the insight.

  2. Hello Samuel Culper! It is Yankee Terrier again , just listened to a podcast (my first of yours)…Great stuff! I also need to buy Both of the books by Mosby…I have no problems with personal checks or money orders, or even CC….( I am probably on so many lists for dot gov it’s likely irrelevant)…I also paid for and got my first hard copy of Forward Observer and if there are other hard copy avail, I should catch up…I have been out of the country a lot at work so I feel I missed something and need to get back in sync….So I hate to bug you but any guidance where to send money and how , and also I may be coming due for the annual subscription also….Thank you for the effort..when I am caught up I promise not to be so high maint…..Area of ops by the way Pac NW and SE Alaska

    1. Hey Tenbor – Sorry about the audio. I’m continually learning how to improve the audio. I’m not a sound engineer, doing the best we can at this point. Audio quality should not be a problem in the future. Thank you for listening!

      1. Well, it did get louder when I crammed my ear up against the speaker. (fyi, volume of the music at the end of the podcast was just fine).

        Great podcast.

  3. Sam,
    Love the podcasts; only one I keep for re- listening!
    What was the background music during your opening monologue for Ep. 8, The Appalacian Redout/Mountain Way?
    Very nice. Keep up the great work on the podcasts, site and magazine.

    1. Hey Mike – Thank you for listening! The background music was some stock music. I’ll shoot you an email.

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