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Early Warning for 29 November

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Good morning. Here’s your Early Warning for Wednesday, 29 November.

Following last night’s ‘It’s Okay to be White’ speech at the University of Connecticut, conservative speaker and journalist Lucian Wintrich was arrested after chasing down a Leftist activist who stole his notes from his speech podium. Shouted down and harangued by student protesters throughout his speech, Wintrich was in the middle of a question and answer session when the woman, a professor at a local community college, snagged some papers from the podium. Wintrich then chased down the woman, grabbing her backpack to pull her back as she tried to get away and then tried to get his paper back. Wintrich was arrested and charged with “breach of peace”. Mainstream media outlets predictably ran headlines like “Conservative speaker arrested after assaulting a woman” which is true but misleading. Here’s a video that shows multiple angles of the encounter.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin surpassed $10,000 yesterday and currently sits just above $11,000 this morning. Many analysts are wondering just how long this parabolic rise can continue, as some are calling for a significant correction. We could see a major course correction as traders take their profits before Christmas, as Bitcoin is up over 72% this month and 1000% for the year.


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