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Early Warning for 23 August

Here’s what you need to know on this Wednesday morning.

All eyes were on Phoenix, AZ last night as President Trump gave a campaign speech to a cheering crowd.  A CNN anchor couldn’t figure out why Trump was giving a campaign speech outside of campaign season, but Trump supporters know why.  His 77-minute speech was marked by campaign rhetoric and some pretty classic Trumpisms.  Speaking on the media, Trump accused fake news outlets of “trying to take away the history and our heritage.”  He continued: “I really think they don’t like our country. I really believe that.”  The president also called out Antifa by name, but declined to say much more other than that they cause trouble.  President Trump also promised to build the wall, even if it meant shutting down the government, presumably in September’s showdown with Congress.

Meanwhile the protest against the president turned violent outside.  After being hit by rocks and water bottles, law enforcement responded by pepper spraying and throwing tear gas towards protestors to disperse the unruly crowds.

Members of the left wing John Brown Gun Club, affiliated with Redneck Revolt, also showed up to protest, open carrying AR-15s, AK-variants, and other long rifles.  In an exchange with reporters, the members said they were there to protect protestors from white supremacists.  “We are an anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist community defense organization,” one member told an onlooker.


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Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.

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