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Early Warning for 22 November

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Good morning. Here’s your Early Warning for Wednesday, 22 November.

According to a high ranking official, the U.S. Navy plans on increasing next year its naval engagements in Southeast Asia, specifically to include more training exercises with Asian partners. Involving mostly Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) and other shallow water boats, the increased operational tempo seems to be aimed at improving the capabilities of U.S. allies in the region to counter Chinese naval dominance.

The pro-NATO nation of Georgia in Eastern Europe is set to receive hundreds of U.S. Javelin anti-tank missiles after receiving approval from the State Department. The nation, which sits on Russia’s doorstep, was the target of a small, brief war by Russian and separatist fighters in 2008. Georgia is not a member of NATO, however, its military has contributed to NATO operations in Afghanistan. The State Department released a nuanced statement about the sale ‘contributing to U.S. foreign policy and national security,’ however, this move is specifically aimed at improving the defense of Georgia during a potential conflict with Russia.


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