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DHS to Roll Out New Orwellian Intelligence Program

The Department of Homeland Security is spending $40 million dollars to fund a “quantitative analysis” program for its  Science and Technology Directorate.  In a grant proposal published this month, DHS calls on colleges and universities to submit plans to support the Center for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis.

According to the documents, grant winners will support “real-time decision making to address homeland security-related threats and hazards” by conducting research and developing “mission-relevant science and technology.”

“It is DHS’s intent to produce new capabilities and work with partners and stakeholders at all levels to test these capabilities in operational and strategic settings, and then take steps to make these solutions available and useful to agencies at all levels.”

If it sounds Orwellian, it’s because it is Orwellian.  It’s no secret that DHS faces more challenges than it can handle.  When we talk about intelligence and complex problems, I often bring up efficiency.  In order to compete, organizations have to be efficient, otherwise they fall behind, and inefficiencies are a great contributor to falling behind.  Analysis is nearly always the bottleneck in the flow of information to decision makers.  Organizations can collect massive amounts of data, but it’s rarely useful until the information is evaluated by an analyst.  A shortage of analysts typically leads to a shortage of analysis.  When decision makers don’t have evaluated information and insight into the data — what we can call “intelligence” — they often make poor decisions.

The Center for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis (CHSQA) shall develop the next generation of mathematical, computational, and statistical theories, as well as algorithms, methods, and tools to advance the quantitative analysis capabilities [of DHS].

For the past ten years, organizations have been realizing that the solution to that bottleneck is Big Data analytics — or “quantitative analysis”.  The DHS Quantitative Analysis program is a big data approach to problem-solving that requires massive amounts of data (open source information, especially social media) being fed into databases for storage, retrieval, and analysis.  Algorithms will scan and organize data, find patterns, and then direct analysts to high priority data points.  This greatly speeds up the analysis process — removing the traditional bottleneck — because analysts no longer have to sift through all the collected data.  In other words, this technology will help sift through the haystack and deliver some needles to the analyst.

There’s no doubt that DHS is becoming a domestic intelligence agency.  Whatever reason DHS was created — ostensibly to find terrorists and keep the homeland secure — it’s taking steps that should give us pause.  Does DHS really need these capabilities?

But perhaps the most troubling part of this project is that DHS asks:

At what point do private individuals accept biometrics and data collection as an accepted social process?

Biometrics is going to have a profound and growing impact on American society, as foreshadowed by the desire of DHS to normalize biometric collection of Americans.  I should know.  My last assignment was a Senior Analyst on the Defense Department’s Biometrics Intelligence Program where we tracked down insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By collecting location information (via cell phones, for instance), social media posts and other open source information, along with biometrics, DHS is going to be able to build a pattern of life analysis for any member of the public.  (To see part of what that looks like, see SPACE Analysis.)  America is entering a Brave New World.

Grant proposals for the Center of Excellence for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis must be submitted by November.  You can download the Grant Opportunity here.

Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. This is what happends when good intentions go bad. DHS has no reason to be involved in biometric collection. We have FBI, ATF, DEA, NSA, CIA and local law enforcment. Why is DHS even around? You mean to tell me that all of those law enforcement agencies are so under funded and under manned that you need another agency. Its simple really another domestic intel agency specifically for tagging americans. A smoke screen create by dumb whitted politicians influenced by people seeking power and money. Terrorist attacks will always be affective. No way to stop a horde of suicide bombers. Specially when the public is encouraged to be cowardly victims. A comet imact seems like an angel of mercy for our species at this point.

  2. All the mathematical computations that are employed at best give only a cardinal direction of a issue problem or event. It is employed to start a causation or better said probable cause to effect an outcome. The chain of events has to start somewhere, and here it is. The weight given this line of action outweighs all others down the road. This is the sledge hammer used to drive in a finishing nail.
    There are more and better ways to identify, moniter and direct resources to negate negative events. The issue is that what is in place at this time isn’t managed correctly or effectively. The human dynamic is a liquid entity that changes moment to moment situation to situation. Beware of where and when pressure is applied it always manifest negatively somewhere else. The AP/A is a concept that was very highly regarded by decision makers as to where and how funding was spent to counter insurgency leaning provinces in Afghanistan and it worked, this same model, with a few adjustments could be used, legal, and in a passive manner that outweighs any biometric or mathmatic computation ever fashioned.
    (Atmospherics program Afghanistan).

  3. The DHS is about as relevant to American citizen as an appendix, similar to the condition of Obama as President.

  4. Now all we need to do is make sure muslims are appointed to run this program and we will have successfully committed suicide of freedom.

  5. Thanks for the comment in return Sam over at WRSA, read what you wrote about quantitative verses qualitative and couldn’t agree with you more.
    Take it to another level, why go to such lengths bother with appearances of legitimacy if all your intentions are motivated around creating a narrative to do something which has no substantial bearing on the truth to begin with?
    Or is it both, to obtain funds through ulterior means so you can fund the narrative, or is it just the psychopaths style? Or all three? Or more?

    1. mtnforge, I think you’re on target with the possibility that it’s both. They have a desperate need to remain relevant and have the tools to try to stay ahead of the curve. In addition to the need to produce the intelligence that advises policy makers and drives THEIR fight, they also have to produce accurate intelligence. Little is more accurate than the accrued five-year period of someone’s social media posts, and identified pattern of life.

  6. and what is the pourpose of this? i suppose they will profile people, but then what?, what could possibly be the end result of this or its justification?

  7. if people know about all this progarmas apparently the most common reaction is that they will be traumatized, so obedience without justification or cause, if they dont how can this information be used againts them, leverage proof, blacmai, or many other things could be done, so what is the benefit, or the expected result?.

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