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FBI official says a domestic terror statute would be helpful

On Wednesday, Nikki L. Floris, a deputy assistant director for counterterrorism at the FBI, said at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee hearing that a domestic terror statute would help the FBI defend the country against domestic terrorists.

When asked about the FBI having a statute on domestic terrorism, Floris said that, “We cannot charge someone with material support to a domestic terrorism group, and we actually do not have designated domestic terrorism groups. Whether or not that statute would help, I would certainly defer to my colleagues at the Department of Justice. But absolutely I believe that would help as another tool to defending the nation against domestic extremists.”

The article states that domestic terrorism has come to the forefront with tragedies such as the Las Vegas shooting and the growing popularity of groups like Antifa. It also states that, “having a formal list of domestic terrorist organizations would enable the full intelligence and legal apparatus of the state to be deployed on a much wider scale,” and that, “This includes surveillance without a warrant and detention in a military prison without being charged or put on trial.” [Source]


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