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China: ‘New breakthroughs’ in missile defense cooperation with Russia

The Chinese government says it has achieved “new breakthroughs” with Russia following the conclusion of a missile defense exercise held by both countries recently.

The drill, held from December 11 to 16 in Beijing, “achieved new breakthroughs in anti-missile cooperation,” according to the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

The two military conducted joint exercises on the planning, command, and firepower coordination of air defense and anti-missile operations supported by computer simulations, the Chinese MoD said in a statement. Airspace Security 2017 also involved a number of lectures.

The joint exercise is “a pragmatic gesture of important mutual understanding in terms of bolstering Russian-Chinese cooperation in air defense reached by the two countries’ leaders,” the Chinese MoD noted in a press release last week.

“China and Russia oppose the development of a global anti-missile system and the cooperation on the anti-missile field would help protect both countries’ security as well as the regional strategic balance,” the MoD stated further.

Last week, the Russian MoD said the test’s objectives were to examine swift responses along with command and control functions in the event of  “accidental and inflammatory strikes of ballistic missiles.”

“The successful joint exercise by China and Russia is a positive effort made by the two countries to maintain common security interests and regional strategic balance, and also reflects the high level of China-Russian strategic and cooperative partnership,” China’s MoD said.

This was the second such exercise held between the two countries. [source]

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