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BREAKING: Ammon Bundy In FBI Custody

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At approximately 2248L, reports of a convoy is headed from the Burns Municipal Airport out to the Malheur Refuge.  Expect a cordon to be put into place.

2345L: After some phone calls and convincing, a majority of the Refuge occupiers have agreed to pack up and leave.  A small minority is repeatedly staying behind.

0200L 27 JAN: The FBI has given Jason Patrick, David Fry and the remaining occupiers until 4am Pacific to vacate the Refuge.  According to media reports, they intend to stay.

Previous updates from 26 JAN.

This evening, the FBI made a felony stop on a vehicle carrying Ammon Bundy and several other individuals.  After gun fire from the FBI, four individuals were reportedly taken into custody, including Ammon Bundy.  Two individuals are reported to have been taken to the Burns hospital, which is currently on lock down.

FBI sources stated that those at the Refuge are currently free to leave unimpeded, implying that there might be action if they do not leave immediately.

Although those in custody have not been confirmed, we can safely assume that Buddha Cavalier was with Ammon.  Ryan Payne suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital, according to local officials.


1811L:  Blaine Cooper has reportedly assumed leadership at the Refuge and has been told to leave immediately.  During a phone call with Pete Santilli, Pete can be overheard saying, “Blaine, please don’t do this.”  Blaine is reportedly wanting to make a stand.  Women and children are still at the Refuge.

1821L:  According to local government officials, Ryan Payne suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the Burns hospital.

1827L: Awaiting a forthcoming statement from law enforcement regarding the shoot out and arrests.

1844L: KATU News is now reporting that eight occupiers have been taken into custody.

1850L: Pete Santilli and Joe Oshaugnessy have also been arrested.

1857L: Law Enforcement reporting the arrest of the following individuals:
Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Ryan Payne — and JJoe O’Shaghnessy in a separate arrest.

1900L: FBI reporting that one of the occupiers is now deceased.

1924L: LaVoy Finicum dead.


Rest in Peace, Lavoy.



Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.


  1. could not be more disappointed. they should have bern more careful when traveling and not in anything that could be legally stopped. i hope the refuge holds out to the last man!!!

  2. a legal felony stop…forgive my ignorance but how can the FBI know that a felony is in progress while they are in the car (unless they were blatant about it) and why was the FBI following them??

    1. Felony stop means a stop under extreme force using multiple LEOs with their guns drawn. It does not mean they KNOW some supposed felony is happening. It’s a technique, not a legal distinction.

    2. Well first off they are guilty of numerous crimes and they are insane wackos that need to wake up that this is not going to do anything for the cause of fixing this country only going to get them made out to look like criminal terrorist idiots… I would not be surprised if by the end of this there is not more people dead possibly on both sides best course of action anyone still at this place can do is leave. And when the FBI stops you surrender say you are leaving of your own accord and don’t want any issues.

      1. So you think it is as easy as surrendering. I wonder what you would call being on your knees with your hands up and unarmed from what I remember that is called surrendering. But when the FBI murder squad is called you know they have to meet their murder quota. After all they had to leave their nice warm homes. Its people like you are the reasons that we have to stand up to our country because you weak ass punk ass little bitches have no idea that you are giving our country away lock stock and barrel.

  3. these guys aren’t patriots. Most of them are criminals. The people of that community didn’t want them there. Good ridence.

  4. The very day Lavoy told about his Native American heritage, they shot him. They shot him… They killed him…

    1. ya man really “rare fused” probably could not even read a constitution if you wanted to let alone interpret it

    2. By whom? You, you libtard keyboard commando coward?

      You scum are always ready to send other people to do your dirty work.


  5. Every person in that County that was a free man wanted THEM there. Are country has lost its guiding principles. To kill a AMERICAN hero and arrest watchmen is on excusable .

  6. Kiss my ass ‘synot’ the BLM and the rest of the government are the damn criminals, they have been strong arming the ranchers for decades! They have had enough of this bullshit!

    1. Who were “the people who engaged in a shoot out with the FBI”??? The eyewitnesses are saying that the only people doing the shooting were the cops and FBI. None of the protesters fired a shot.

  7. Hey! People,…please , a moment ?
    I feel,……………….”me”,……….that it it just might be a wee more prudent, to get ALL OF THE FACTS, before we all ” fly-off-the-handle” ??
    Hey,……I’m just askin’, that’s all ! ………Just askin’ !

  8. I think this was a volatile mix of some good folks with good intent with a few that were looking for a fight, and of course, the few fuck it all up for the rest of ’em. Damnit Carl!

  9. Well no doubt about it they’ll charge Bundy as being a Terrorist and put him in the worst prison in the country they can and he’ll die there of old age. Never having a chance to ever see freedom again. Unless by some fate we have someone like Trump become president and give him amnesty. Good luck with that.

  10. The young are stupid. Fools lead by the nose by the education system that has taught them to be “Global citizens” They are fatherless bastards of single mother whores that only satisfy their need for attention by lustful ways and care not the outcome. Synot, trumpsucks and his type will be useful idiots for this corrupt and criminal federal government. For all we know they are agents of the FBI planted to stir hate.
    RIP Lavoy

  11. I have had a heavy heart since learning about what happened last night. My heart is heavy because I feel the certainty of the coming conflict. It’s heavy because LaVoy will not be the last to water the tree of liberty. Whether we agree with the people or tactics it doesn’t matter, what matters is that Men stood up for their convictions. That took courage. How many government scandals does it take to get Men to say enough? How many times does a corrupt career politician lie to your face, break the law, and scoff at you before you say enough?

  12. Why was Lavoy Finicum the “blue tarp man ” sleeping outside so that if the government goons wanted him they could come get him without harming the others? What did he have or know that he knew going in that he was wanted? Reviewing the material I now feel that he knew what his outcome was going to be.

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