Area Study Live — New Course Starts February 12th

Don’t Miss: The Area Study Live course starts on Tuesday, 12 February.


I ask myself this line of questions frequently…

During an SHTF situation, how many people out there would be willing to trade a case of food in return for an accurate understanding of the security situation beyond their immediate line of sight?

How many people would be willing to trade their valuables just to understand what’s going on, the threats that exist in the broader area, and how those threats could affect them some time in the future?

How many people are going to realize, after it’s too late, that not prioritizing the work of intelligence has actually sabotaged their level of preparedness?

I’m guessing that’s going to be a lot of people.

And that underscores the value of intelligence…

On Tuesday, the 12th of February, I’ll be teaching a four week course called Area Study Live. It’s entirely online and I’m offering it to you with some incredible bonuses. You can enroll here.

I’ll be taking you through the process, step by step, of creating an Area Study and Assessment. With a max of 20 students, my assistant instructor and I will make sure that I have enough time for each of you.

During this course, I’ll also be completing a brand new Area Study from scratch so each student can follow along, see the kind of information I’m including, and then learn from this experience.

If you get stuck, send me an email for personalized coaching.

Or use our course chat room, and I or one of my assistant instructors can answer your questions and find you the information and resources you need. You will receive expert help. That’s what we’re offering through Area Study Live.

We’ll meet one hour per week, every Tuesday evening, and work our way through building out a compete Area Study from start to finish. (Each session will also be recorded and students will receive 24/7 access to the entire course.)

Area Study Live includes four one-hour sessions, all of which are presented live, plus ample time for Q&A, PLUS a follow up session to check in on your progress.

I’ll be right there to help every step of the way, to offer guidance and direction, and to answer your questions.

If you’ve been wanting to start or complete your Area Study and you’ve just been putting it off, then take me up on this opportunity.

There’s no quicker or more efficient way to build a quality intelligence product.

I’ll get everyone on-boarded for this course next week and start sending out some course prep material.

Then we’ll hit the ground running on Tuesday, 12 February for four weeks. Space is limited. DO NOT MISS OUT.


Always Out Front,
Samuel Culper

PS. There are only 20 seats in this course and the bonuses we’re offering are good for a limited time. We want motivated students because we’re highly motivated teachers.

Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.

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