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Alt Observer Weekly Summary For 12 November 2018

The Alt-Observer Weekly Summary highlights activities from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right groups. This report is available for Intelligence subscribers. 

In this Alt-Observer Weekly Summary … 

  • CrimethInc: US is turning the Army against the people
  • New Communist magazine funded on Kickstarter
  • Popular Women’s Movement: Women are essential for liberation 
  • Anarcho-Satanists: We are a legion of liberation, and we are many!
  • Red Guards organize nationwide protests
  • PayPal bans Antifa
  • Antifa International organizes against Anti-Semitism
  • Jewish protestors arrested outside NY Republican Club
  • Thousands confront Trump and fascism in Pittsburgh
  • RGP: USA is a dictatorship by one class over others
  • Red Guards Charlotte cancels rally
  • BLM activist claims her son was lynched
  • RGKC: We must organize to fight and overcome Capitalism
  • The mastermind behind the Black Panther Party
  • “Big changes” coming to Central Texas Socialist Rifle Association
  • Autonomous Network calls for support of the migrant caravan at the US border
  • RGA: Onward to the boycott of the 2020 Presidential Elections!
  • RGLA: Maoist movement growing in U.S.
  • Protestors tear down Christopher Columbus statue in LA
  • Anarcho-Communist Skinheads to host Rock Against Gentrification event
  • Identity Evropa Rollup
  • Weekend Rollup

Priority Intelligence Requirements

  • PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically related violence?
  • PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?

 PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?


CrimethInc: The anarcho-communist blogsite CrimethInc published an article this week titled, “Turning the Army against the People: Border Militarization and the Migrant Caravan,” in which the anonymous author writes that US citizens should resist the militarization of the border and the fascism of the Trump Administration.

“Donald Trump and his fellow nationalists and racists have been fear-mongering about this so-called “migrant caravan” in hopes of mobilizing their base to vote in the November 6 election; their efforts have triggered a wave of fascist violence including last week’s massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Still more troubling is Trump’s order to send thousands of US troops to “defend” against the caravan. This sets yet another precedent for the use of the military against civilian populations.”

The article then goes on to explain that the migrant caravan and the Central America refugee crisis have been caused by Trump’s economic policies, which have made the lives of those living in countries such as Honduras and Mexico more difficult. The author writes that Trump’s promises to build the wall and bring jobs back to America are not genuine because Trump is only using them to radicalize white people, which the “MAGAbomber” and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting are examples of.

“Trump knew from the start that he could not build a time machine and transport the white working class back to 1950 … What he can do to placate white male workers, however, is adjust the distribution of violence, focusing it even more against people of color, undocumented people, women, and queer and trans people than it already is today. This is how we must understand Trump’s promises to “build the wall,” block the caravan, and strip citizenship from the children of the undocumented. All of these are intended to buy the allegiance of white people, even desperately poor white people, by giving them scapegoats at whom they can channel their frustration. The #MAGAbomber attacks and the massacre in Pittsburgh are not unwanted side effects, but an essential part of this program.”

The author continues:

“If it becomes normalized for US troops to occupy unruly cities within the territory of the United States and to intervene at the border against unarmed civilians, it will be only a matter of time before those troops are deployed against other populations as well. First they came for poor Black communities—then they came for the Muslim immigrants—then they came for the undocumented immigrants… this list will continue to grow, eventually even including white liberals, if things go far enough. The less backlash there is about the deployment of troops at the border, the faster this process will proceed. Trump and his supporters are trying to put the precedents in place for a future in which their notion of order will be maintained by open, brutal force involving every weapon and every institution of the state.”



Commune Magazine: A new revolutionary magazine called Commune Magazine has received nearly $50,000 in funding from over 700 backers on the fundraising website Kickstarter. (Analyst comment: As of 05 November, 2018, the magazine has received $45,951 in funding, which is over 200% of it’s $20,000 goal. The funds have been raised by 732 backers, which equates to a rounded average of $63 per person. There are 3 days left in the fundraiser.)

According to the magazine’s description on Kickstarter:

Commune is a popular magazine for a new era of revolution. By popular, we mean that we will publish articles as easy to read on a bus or while you are slacking off at your office job as anything you find in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Slate, or Jacobin. By revolution, we mean a magazine of politics and culture that knows what so many already intuitively recognize: everything must go.



Popular Women’s Movement: The Popular Women’s Movement shared their founding statement on Facebook this week,

 “A popular movement for women is absolutely essential for the liberation of the working class and the building of a new and equal society. Smashing the old world cannot be done with women’s oppression and subjugation intact.”

The founding statement can be found on their WordPress publication that provides great insight into the new group. The following are a few notable quotes from the publication:

“PWM is a movement for the liberation of women that works within the broader revolutionary movement for establishing the power of the working class. Our goal is clear: Revolution! We seek to not only be supports of revolution, but leaders within it. We will have our full potential realized as fighters for our class.”

“The only solution for working men and women is the revolutionary party in which they can fight together for their vindication and do away with the oppressor class. Fighting the vestiges of bourgeois ideology that have devalued the existence and labor of women must be done in this fight as well.”

“Today in the imperialist superpower that is America, the inclusion of tokenized identities is something that has brought great profit to the ruling class. They have figured out how to constantly reinvent themselves as a wholesome ruler by using black faces to oppress and exploit black people, queer people to oppress and exploit queer people, and women, such as Hilary Clinton, to oppress and exploit women.”

“Nowhere in the mainstream feminist traditions of the US can you find women talking about the success of the Chinese Revolution where women, who were once binding their feet to the point of permanently disabling themselves, engaging in prostitution out of necessity, being forced into arranged marriages and being sold to landlords by their husbands, were under the Communist Party becoming widely literate, finding gainful employment in all facets of production, being fighters in the People’s Liberation Army, and having the burden of solitary reproduction lifted off their shoulders so things like childcare and domestic labor became more socialized. These women did not win liberation through lobbying the then ruler and American ally, Chaing Kai-shek, for their rights. They won by joining the fight against imperialism and capitalism and carrying forward the red flag of Communism.”

“Up until now there has not been a real fighting women’s organization in the US. This is because up until now women’s organizations have rejected two fundamental principles, 1) a women’s organization must be a fighting organization and 2) a women’s organizations must be firmly centered on class struggle in the interests of proletarian women as half of the proletariat. We aim to embody such principles and emerge as such an organization. PWM-MFP will dare to scale the heights and assault the skies. Through our courage and combativeness we will win the hearts of our class sisters and unleash a torrent of pent up revolutionary energy; working women burn for revolution.”




Church of Satan Anarchists: The anarcho-Satanist group Church of Satan Anarchists celebrated getting 13,000 likes on Facebook this week in a post that read, “13,000 likes! Praise Satan in solidarity with those who are demonized for struggling against oppression and tyranny! We are legion of liberation, and we are many! Our infernal church grows rapidly, much faster than ever before!” (Analyst comment: The Church of Satan Anarchists is an anti-Theist group that uses anarcho-Satanic philosophy for revolutionary action against the State.) 

The following are some notable quotes from a Google Document published by the group:

“Anarcho-Satanism is a reinterpretation of Satanic mythology through the lens of anarchist thought in order to demonstrate cultural values such as anti-authoritarianism, voluntary association (generally meaning freedoms of speech and assembly, and the corollary freedoms to refuse to speak or assemble), mutual aid, solidarity, autonomy, and direct action.”

“Satan is an empowering archetypal symbol of anarchism when the character opposes such hierarchies. Mythologically, Satan struggles as an organizer of angelic labor against their boss God, struggles for greater equality as a freedom fighter against “divine” tyranny, struggles as a political prisoner in Hell, struggles as an escaped fugitive or illegal immigrant or refugee who makes an unauthorized crossing from Hell into Eden, and in Eden struggles for greater shared knowledge as a subversive educator.”

“Many anarchist social theorists and philosophers throughout history have utilized symbolism derived from Satanic mythology as a narrative vehicle for the expression of anarchist theories and principles. Mikhail Bakunin perhaps best exemplifies this in his quote “The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on Earth. […] but here steps in Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds…”


Red Guards: In a report back published on WordPress, the Austin, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Charlotte and Pittsburgh chapters of the Red Guards published a joint report back that details demonstrations that were coordinated by the Communist groups on 02 November 2018. The demonstrations were held at the Mexican consulates in each of their respective cities to call for the presentation of Mexican revolutionary Dr. Sernas Garcia alive, who was allegedly “disappeared” by anti-communists. The Red Guards activists used their demonstrations as a display of their solidarity with their “comrades in Latin America,” who also held demonstrations at the Mexican consulates in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in Quito, Ecuador.

According to the report back, Red Guards activists in Austin, Texas held their demonstration at a “disorganized consulate that didn’t seem to know how to handle a basic human rights inquiry.” The Kansas City Red Guards posted a statement on the disappearance of Dr. Sernas on the doors of the Mexican consulate in Kansas City and handed out flyers to spread awareness about Dr. Sernas’ disappearance. The LA Red Guards amassed a large crowd outside of the consulate in LA, which forced security to close the entrance in order to prevent the protestors from entering. Red Guards Pittsburgh — despite not having a Mexican consulate — held a”lightening demonstration” and Red Guards activists in Charlotte held a red banner that read “Present Dr. Sernas Alive!” outside of the Mexican consulate in Charlotte.

In the WordPress document, the five Red Guards chapters called upon “all progressive formations around the world to join in the International Campaign” and to help “popularize among the masses the cause of the forced disappearances of activists and democratic fighters.” The document included pictures that were taken at the demonstrations, and concluded with a call to action by the Red Guards chapters:

“Long live the defenders and servants of the people!

Long live international solidarity!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!”








Antifa: Following the suspension of the Sacramento Antifa, Atlanta Antifa and Anti-Fascist Network accounts on PayPal, Atlanta Antifa released a statement in which they condemned PayPal’s suspension of the accounts, which they claim to use to “offset the costs” of their organizations. (Analyst comment: In addition to banning the three Antifa accounts, PayPal also banned accounts held by the Proud Boys.) 

Atlanta Antifa writes in the statement:

“The implicit message sent by PayPal: that those engaging in and opposing far-Right violence and intimidation are comparable. We note PayPal took this action soon after far-Right gunmen murdered fifteen people in three different incidents (In Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida). PayPal commemorating the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht by targeting anti-fascists is particularly reprehensible.”

PayPal also released a statement on the suspensions, which they claim is to prevent those who “promote hate, violence, or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory” from using their platform. [Source:]


Antifa International: In a Facebook post Antifa International expressed their pride in their involvement in a new fundraiser for the International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund, which seeks to raise money for the usage of “every legal means available to go after the anti-Semites promoting and organizing for genocide.”  The fundraiser is being held on Fundrazr, and is titled “Anti-Anti-Semitism Action.” As of 12 November, 2018, $1,505 of the $10,000 goal has been raised. [Source:] [Source:]


North East

New York: On Tuesday, 30 October 2018, fourteen Jewish protesters were arrested in New York City outside of the New York Metropolitan Club. (Analyst comment: The New York Police Department confirmed that seven of the arrested protestors were men and seven were women, but the department did not provide any specific details as to why they were arrested.) According to Vice News, the Jewish protesters gathered to call upon the Republican Party to “denounce white nationalism,” following the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting and the violence which took place outside of the club between members of the Proud Boys and Antifa back in early October 2018.

Pictures of the arrests were shared on Twitter by protest attendees:

In response to the arrest photos, one Twitter user shared the following images of Jews being arrested in 1930’s Germany for protesting:

[Source:] [Source:] [Source:]


Pennsylvania: Thousands gathered in the streets of Pittsburgh on Tuesday to protest white supremacy and “confront Trump and fascism” following the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. (Analyst comment: According to Raw Story, the protest was so large that President Trump’s motorcade has to be redirected as he traveled to the synagogue to pay his respects and visit with the victims of the attack.) In a report back from the protest that was published on It’s Going Down, an anonymous contributor wrote:

“The demonstrations showed both an outpouring of anger at President Trump, but also in a way that drew a direct political line between Trump’s political ideology and policies and the neo-Nazi attack on the Tree of Life synagogue. At a time when people across the US are pushing back against Trumpism, such resistance shows that we are united in resisting the regime despite the color of our skin, our religious beliefs, our sexuality, or our gender.”






Pennsylvania: Red Guards Pittsburgh (RGP) posted on their Facebook page this week that just as in US, “Democracy in Brazil is a dictatorship by one ruling class over others.” In the post RGP shared a quote from a currently imprisoned Brazilian revolutionary, who emphasizes that the 40 million Brazilians who did not vote in the election are “the force that prepares for the coming fight to topple the old, crusty society.” RGP also shared a quote by Russian Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, that was included in an article written by the Brazilian revolutionary:

“If political power in the state is in the hands of a class whose interests coincide with those of the majority, that state can be governed truly in line with the will of the majority. But if political power is in the hands of a class whose interests diverge from those of the majority, any form of majority rule is bound to become deception or suppression of the majority. Every bourgeois republic provides hundreds and thousands of examples of this kind. …. Hence, from a materialist and Marxist, and not from a formally juridical point of view, we must expose this conflict, and combat bourgeois deception of the people. [Lenin Constitutional Illusions, 1917]”



Canada: Antifa International attempted to cancel a Steve Bannon event in Toronto, Canada that took place on Friday, 02 November 2018. In a Facebook post, the antifascists shared a boycott poster for the event and wrote:

“In case you weren’t aware that the anti-Semitic architect of the “alt-right”/Trump’s ascendency has been INVITED to speak in Toronto on Friday. Or in case you were wondering what people were doing about this fascist white supremacist/Baron Vladimir Harkonnen lookalike being given a platform to broadcast his vile shit from:




South East

North Carolina: Red Guards Charlotte (RGC) planned a counter-protest in opposition to a protest organized by the groups Gays For Trump and Deplorable Pride. The two pro-Trump groups organized the event in an attempt to get the revolutionary Communist and antifascist activist fired from his job at a brewing company for protesting President Trump’s recent visit where he spoke in support of Republican Congressional candidate Mark Harris.

The protest was originally scheduled to take place this past weekend, however, it was canceled following an update that was posted by RGC on their WordPress blog. In the update, RGC announced that the activists was no longer working at the brewery, and as a result, the protest had been cancelled. (Analyst comment: It is not made clear whether the activist quit his job or if he was fired from the brewery.)

The following is the update that was posted by RGC on WordPress:

“UPDATE: Due to the antifascist no longer working at Divine Barrel Brewing, Deplorable Pride (DP) has cancelled their rally outside the brewery and is going to hold an anti-Communism event somewhere else (location for which they have not yet announced). We will not be following DP and Brian Talbert around wherever they choose to hold their event. Fighting on the enemy’s terms is never favorable to victory. We are no longer calling for an event at Divine Barrel Brewing, since conditions have changed, and DP will not be there. Therefore, this event is cancelled and we also do not recommend any counter-protest wherever DP holds their event. This is not a case of random cancellation but a change in objective conditions. We thank everyone who showed support for the event.”




Missouri: A Ferguson, Missouri Black Lives Matter activist named Melissa McKinnies claims that her 24-year-old son was lynched for being an anti-cop and anti-racist activist. McKinnies took to Facebook to make her claims, where she posted pictures of her deceased son hanging a from a tree in their backyard in what appears to be a suicide. (Analyst comment: According to police reports, 24-year-old Danye Jones’ death has been ruled a suicide.)



South West

New Mexico: The Albuquerque Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) posted on their Facebook page this week honoring Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton. According to PSL, Huey P. Newton was the “theoretical mastermind” behind the Black Panther Party and used Marxism’s “dialectical materialism to analyze the conditions of the day and the reasoning behind the Black Panther Party, and the necessity of standing in solidarity with peoples opposing U.S. imperialism all over the world.” In addition to praising Newton for being “skilled at breaking down complex subjects into simpler concepts,” PSL included in the post a lengthy quote from a speech given by Newton at Boston College in 1970. The following are a few notable quotes from the speech:

“The Black Panther Party is a Marxist-Leninist party because we follow the dialectical method and we also integrate theory with practice. We are not mechanical Marxists and we are not historical materialists. Some people think they are Marxists when actually they are following the thoughts of Hegel. Some people think they are Marxist-Leninists but they refuse to be creative, and are, therefore, tied to the past.”

“In 1966 we call our Party a Black Nationalist Party. We called ourselves Black Nationalists because we thought nationhood was the answer. Shortly after that we decided that what was really needed was revolutionary nationalism, that is, nationalism plus socialism. After analyzing conditions a little more, we found that is was impractical and even contradictory. Therefore, we went to a higher level of consciousness. We saw that in order to be free we had to crush the ruling circle and therefore we had to unite with the peoples of the world. We sought solidarity with what we thought were nations of the world.”

“We think that it is very important to know that as things are in the world today socialism in the United States will never exist. It cannot at this time exist in anyplace in the world. Socialism would require a socialist state, and if a state does not exist how could socialism exist? So how do we define certain progressive countries such as the People’s Republic of China? … We say this: We say they represent the People’s liberated territory. They represent a community liberated. But that community is not sufficient, it is not satisfied, just as the National Liberation Front is not satisfied with the liberated territory in the South. It is only the groundwork and preparation for the liberation of the world—seizing the wealth from the ruling circle, equal distribution and proportional representation in an intercommunal framework. This is what the Black Panther Party would like to achieve with the help of the power of the people, because without the people nothing can be achieved.”

“The Black Panther Party denounces Black capitalism and says that all we can do is liberate our community, not only in Vietnam but here, not only in Cambodia and the People’s republics of China and Korea but the communities of the world. We must unite as one community and then transform the world into a place where people will be happy, wars will end, the state itself will no longer exist, and we will have communism.”

(Analyst comment: Although this speech was given nearly 50 years ago, it still holds significance. First, there are many modern Alt-Left groups that take inspiration from Huey P. Newton. The  Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Guerrilla Mainframe and the New Black Panther Party — all three were founded in Dallas, Texas — are the most noteworthy. ) [Source:]


Texas: The Socialist Rifle Association of Central Texas (SRA) made an announcement this week that they will be rebranding in the near future to “better reflect our diverse membership, as well as our comrades who are organizing across the globe.” In the announcement, SRA wrote that “big changes” are coming following controversy between SRA and one of it’s former members, who they claim created a copycat group called the “SocialistRA” in order to delegitimize and de-platform the original organization. After providing background information on the controversy, SRA stated in the post that they will,

“No longer stay silent and allow people to be duped by this scam of an org; an org that has stolen our name, our logos (plural), our points of unity, our mission statement, and our legitimacy. We feel it is necessary to distance ourselves from this useless, petty drama that only makes it harder for us to move forward and continue work. We will be rebranding soon to better reflect our diverse membership, as well as our comrades who are organizing across the globe. I would like to extend our deepest apologies to anyone who has been utterly confused by this to the point of staying far away from either org. We don’t blame you, truly. Stay tuned.”  [Source:]


West Coast

California: Red Guards Los Angeles (RGLA) expressed their solidarity with the newly founded Popular Women’s Movement in a Facebook post this week. RGLA states in the post that the Maoist movement in America is growing through the Red Guards, and that “we will see revolutionary breakthroughs in many pre-existing struggles, one being the Women’s Movement.”

“The current ‘wave’ of feminism we find ourselves in has been mutated and warped by the flattening and maddening flaying of postmodernism and academia. And who suffers the most? The very same oppressed and exploited proletarian woman these very scholars and leeches are supposed to be rallying for! Proletarian women deserve nothing short of everything and political power.”



California: Antifa Sacramento posted a public safety alert on their Facebook page this week to warn activists of a “right wing extremist rally” that was scheduled to take place on Sunday, 04 November 2018 at the California state capital building. According to Antifascist Sacramento, the rally was a “Turning California Red” rally and was organized by members of the Three Percenters and American Guard.

“If you plan on being in the downtown/midtown area on the day of the rally, stay vigilant and don’t go alone! Multiple attendees and organizers of this rally have a history of violence and harassment, especially following events like this one. If you see any far right activity in the area, CONTACT US!

This past week, the far right has continued its violence and terror with a bombing campaign and a devastating mass shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue, carried out by a neo-Nazi with ties to factions that marched in Charlottesville last year. Now, right wing extremists and neo-Nazis with similar ties are preparing for a rally in Sacramento. It’s essential that we keep each other safe and spread the word so that our community can be prepared.


PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?

Antifa doxxes alleged white nationalist in Atlanta

Atlanta Antifa has called upon activists to “stand up to racist intimidation” by telling the John Marshall Law School about their racist student, Casey J. Cooper, who has allegedly made “lynching threats” and partook in “racist agitation.” In addition to this, Atlanta Antifa posted flyers at the school to warn students about Cooper being a “white power organizer.” [Source:]


Identity Evropa Rollup

Identity Evropa activists posted propaganda flyers in 22 cities across 11 states from 29 October to 11 November 2018.

Tempe, AZ: Posted propaganda flyers at Arizona State University [29 Oct]

Glendale, CA: Posted propaganda flyers at Glendale Community College [30 Oct]

Salt lake City, UT: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Utah [30 Oct]

Salt lake City, UT: Posted propaganda flyers in downtown [30 Oct]

Salt lake City, UT: Distributed propaganda flyers at The City Library [30 Oct]

Oakland, CA: Posted propaganda flyers [31 Oct]

San Fransisco, CA: Posted propaganda flyers [31 Oct]

Castle Rock, CO: Posted propaganda flyers in downtown [01 Nov]

San Marcos, CA: Posted propaganda flyers at California State University [01 Nov]

Scranton, PA: Posted propaganda flyers at Albright Memorial Library [02 Nov]

Virginia Beach, VA: Posted propaganda flyers at Tidewater Community College [03 Nov]

San Clemente, CA: Posted propaganda flyers [04 Nov]

Chicago, IL: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Illinois [05 Nov]

Buffalo NY: Posted propaganda flyers at Glenn Park [05 Nov]

Louisville, KY: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Louisville [05 Nov]

Louisville, KY: Posted propaganda flyers [06 Nov]

Tucson, AZ: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Arizona [06 Nov]

Golden, CO: Posted propaganda flyers [07 Nov]

Colorado Springs, CO: Posted propaganda flyers in downtown [07 Nov]

Washington DC: Toured the White House [07 Nov]

Amherst, MA: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Massachusetts — Amherst [08 Nov]

Boulder, CO: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Colorado — Boulder [09 Nov]

Westminster, CO: Posted propaganda flyers at Front Range Community College [09 Nov]

Denver, CO: Posted propaganda flyers at the Metropolitan State University of Denver [10 Nov]

Denver, CO: Posted propaganda flyers at the University of Colorado — Denver [10 Nov]

Lakewood, CO: Posted propaganda flyers at Red Rocks Community College [10 Nov]

Denver, CO: IE activists held a demonstration at Civic Center Park, calling for an end to globalism and mass immigration [11 Nov]

PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically related violence?

13 NOV: Fascist Free UT: Shut Down Katie Hopkins — Austin, Texas [Source:]

17 NOV: We The People Rally — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Source:]

17 NOV: #PUSHBACK Stand Against the Proud Boys — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Source:]

17 NOV: Stand With Survivors Against Patriot Prayer — Rose City Antifascist — Portland, Oregon [Source:][Source:]

17 NOV: Rock Against Gentrification — Hosted by RASH — Los Angeles [Source:]

PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?

Indicators of Revolutionary Activity

Strong Indications: 6

Weak Indications: 7

No/Negligible Indications: 6

We remain at 13 total indicators, and there’s been no change in the last week.




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