AO: New York City Activity

We’re co-signing.… – New York City Antifa (@NYCAntifa) 08:22 – 2018/11/15 Quoted Tweet: Please stop organizing protests and counter protests on Facebook pllllleeeeaaasssseee I am begging you – Emily G (@EmilyGorcenski) 18:00 – 2018/11/14

Analyst’s Comment: New York City Antifa endorses recommendation to modify organizational tactics for operational security purposes after recent doxxing campaign by opposition groups.

Daniel Johnson is a former Marine infantry scout section leader, and worked for the State Department’s Worldwide Protective Services program where he served on a principal recovery and extraction team, and tactical site survey team. After sustaining a serious injury from an enemy attack in Baghdad, he was forced to return home. He’s now learning the ropes of multi-discipline intelligence collection and all-source analysis.

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