AO: Nashville Activity

Guerrilla Prophet (@jaykelly26) retweeted: *For more information & anyone that wants to play #DoxxAllYourBoys : Patriot Front Edition” see thinkprogress’ piece about “Boston Free Speech” & @BostonAreaAF for leads. Have fun! 👋… – JAM CITY ANTIFA (@JamCityAntifa) (in reply to JamCityAntifa ) 05:25 – 2018/11/20

Analyst’s Comment: Jam City Antifa out of Nashville, TN tweets a ThinkProgress article that claims white nationalist groups are splintering, reorganizing and trying to rebrand themselves as “Conservative” or “Libertarian.” Jam City Antifa encourages their followers to use this article to develop “leads” for Doxxing Targets.

Daniel Johnson is a former Marine infantry scout section leader, and worked for the State Department’s Worldwide Protective Services program where he served on a principal recovery and extraction team, and tactical site survey team. After sustaining a serious injury from an enemy attack in Baghdad, he was forced to return home. He’s now learning the ropes of multi-discipline intelligence collection and all-source analysis.

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