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Alt-Observer Daily Report for 29 March 2018

This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right for Thursday, 29 March 2018. Activities included are from Antifa, Canada, Texas, Charlottesville, Louisiana, Sacramento, and Facebook. 



Canada: An anti-racist blog post stopped a patriot rally that was to be held in Hamilton, Ontario. The rally was to be kept under wraps, however, the blog site Anti-Racist Canada found out about the rally and alerted anti-fascists and police. Due to the pushback from antifascists, the right wing group attempted to reschedule the event, however, some of the attendees were not informed of the change and were met by over 150 protestors and police. The creator of the blog post said in a statement to Vice that “It was obviously an effort to try and cleanse their image, to make themselves like the good guys. So I wanted to minimize that and I wanted to make sure the people were well aware of who these people really were and what they do and what they believe.” So far, the blog post has been seen over 93,000 times and has become the third most popular article on the website.  (Source:

Texas: The Texas Antifa Facebook page made a post discussing an upcoming right-wing, pro-gun rally that will be taking place in Olmos, Texas on April 7th. In the post, the Alt-Left group openly calls the slaughter of the rally goers saying that, “So evidently some retarded gun group is going to take on police in Olmos Tx on the April 7th. We hope all the gun wielding right wingers are slaughtered. Time for your guns to go away! America voted, you are on your way out the door. America doesnt need you.” (Source: (Source:



Charlottesville: An Alt-Right protestor named Christopher Cantwell, who is facing charges for tear-gassing counter-protestors at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August, announced that he is a federal informant and has been feeding information about the Alt-Right to the police. However, Cantwell claims that he hasn’t been able to snitch on the Alt-Right because they have not committed any crimes, saying: “We are not criminals. If the FBI searched every electronic device I have ever owned and pumped me full of top secret truth drugs and extracted every letter of knowledge I had about the Alt Right, I literally couldn’t give them a single fucking criminal…. We’re not working with foreign governments. We didn’t come to our permitted demonstration intent on violence. All of the information and evidence that I have favors us, and condemns our enemies, and there is a significant amount of it.” (Source:


Notable Activities:

Charlottesville: Community members of Charlottesville, Virginia gathered for a protest asking for Commonwealth Attorney Joe Platania to drop charges against Donald Blakney and Corey Long, who are among the Unite the Right rally protestors who are still facing charges. During the demonstration, protestors chanted “Black Lives Matter, Drop the Charges” and held banners and signs that said things like “Fighting white supremacy is not a crime” and “community defense against all racism.” (Source:

Louisiana: According to Louisiana Attorney-General Jeff Landry, the officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling with not face charges. Sterling’s death has been one of the many instances where a black man has been killed by a white police officer in the last few years, which has sparked and escalated the Black Lives Matter movement.(Source:

Sacramento: The brother of Stephon Clark, who was killed by police earlier this month, interrupted a community forum where a discussion about the shooting was taking place. According to CBS Sacramento, Stevonte Clark entered the Sacramento City Council chambers about 15 minutes into the forum and began chanting the name of his brother. Attendees joined Stevonte in the chant, which eventually led to the forum being cut short due to safety concerns. Sacramento police in riot gear gathered outside of the City Hall to contain the protesting crowd. Video from the protests shows that the protesters eventually left City Hall and marched to the Golden 1 Center where an NBA basketball game between the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks was taking place. Protesters interfered with metal detectors and prevented fans from entering the game. (Source:

Facebook: An Afro-Cuban American artist named Harmonia Rosales is repainting historical paintings and replacing the white men and women in them with black women so that women of color are better represented. Rosales claims that “Art is my weapon in the ongoing battle against indifference and inaction. It forms the basis of resistance.” One of her most famous paintings has been her reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” where she replaced God, Adam, and the host of angels with black women. When asked about her reasoning for this Rosales stated that, “When you consider that all human life came out of Africa, the Garden of Eden and all, then it only makes sense to paint God as a black women, sparking life in her own image.” (Source:


29 MAR: Rock Against Fascism II: The Punks and the Skins Strike Back, Portland, Oregon

07 APR: Black Women’s March, New York

14-15 APR: TPUSA Midwest Regional Conference, Chicago, Illinois

14 APR: Stand for the Second Amendment, National

15 APR: Free Speech Conference at Siena College

20 APR: National High School Walk-Out For Anti-Gun Violence

21 APR: March For Our Rights Pro Gun Rally, Olympia, Washington

28 APR: Anti-Racism Action Initiation Protest/American Renaissance Conference 2018, Burns, Tennessee

01 MAY: MayDay Seattle: Stand Against Rioters

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