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31 JAN 17 Gang, Cartel, and Transnational Threats Reporting



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Region I

ME – Maine Drug Enforcement Administration arrested two people on charges of unlawful trafficking eight pounds of a heroin/fentanyl mixture in Maine and Massachusetts. Authorities discovered a storage shed in New Hampshire rented by one of the traffickers that contained nearly $180,000 USD in cash, several handguns and drug deal ledgers. This is the largest drug bust in the history of the state of Maine.   (Analyst Comment: There was no specific information linking the dealers to specific groups. In recent years New England has become a desirable transit hub and market for Mexican drug cartels.) (SOURCE; 31 January 2017)


Region II

NJ – G-Shine Bloods gang member Omar Perkins was released from jail after a judge ordered his release. He was arrested in a law enforcement raid on his residence in which more than $50,000 worth of heroin and a 9mm handgun were seized. A judge ordered Perkin’s release due to a new bail reform measure meant for non-violent offenders that could not afford bail.  Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey said in the report that the new bail system was posing a serious challenge to law enforcement and public safety. (SOURCE; 31 January 2017)


Region III

VA –  A new gang task force was formed in Danville on Tuesday to strengthen and coordinate efforts to counter the rising gang and violent crime trends. The task force is composed of members from the Danville Police Department, the commonwealth’s attorney office, sheriff’s office, the local adult and juvenile detention centers, and the probation and parole office. Danville police have been serving more search warrants on individuals linked to gang-related activity which led to the successful arrests and suppression of gang activity. (SOURCE; 31 January 2017)


Region IV

SC – Two teenage gang members and another teen from Richland County were arrested and accused of stealing two vehicles, debit card theft and possessing a stolen firearm. A Kershaw County sheriff’s deputy, with the assistance of a Camden Police officer, pursued the suspects after spotting the vehicles in the middle of the road. Local law enforcement expressed concern of gangs from Richland County increasing their presence and activity in Kershaw County and recruiting new members from the local high schools. (SOURCE; 27 January 2017)


Region V

IL – Seven people were shot and wounded at a memorial on Wednesday night on Chicago’s South Side. Two of the victims were the mother and niece of the woman being remembered whose murder was gang related. A rival gang targeted a few alleged gang members present at the vigil in which they heard about through social media sources.(SOURCE; 27 January 2017)


Region VI

TX – Two men were wounded in a possible gang related shooting near an elementary school in San Antonio. Gates Elementary was placed on lockdown but it is believed the shooting was not a threat to the school. Several gunshots were fired and shell casings were found at the scene but no details describing the suspects or their vehicles are currently available. (SOURCE; 30 January 2017)


Region VII

KS – An international arms dealer based out of Manhattan, Kansas has been sentenced to more than four years in prison after pleading guilty of dealing guns internationally using an underground marketplace on the  Dark Web. Michael Andrew Ryan, aka GunRunner while online, admitted using an illicit website called Black Market Reloaded to illegally export and attempting to export Beretta 9 mm pistols, 38 Special revolvers, Uzi submachine guns, .45 caliber pistols, Walther P22s, and a variety of Glock models to countries that include Ireland, the UK and Australia.  (Analyst Comment : While there was not specific information connecting “Gunrunner” to any major criminal organizations this illustrates the rising trend of transnational criminals utilizing the internet to conduct illicit operations even in globally obscure areas such as rural Kansas.) (SOURCE; 31 January 2017)


Region VIII

UT – A 16-year-old was partially paralyzed after being shot in a gang-related incident in West Valley City. Four adults and two juveniles had been arrested in connection to the shooting. One of the suspects told police that they were targeting a specific individual to send them a message. (SOURCE; 21 January 2017)


Region IX

CA – A woman named Kayla Arevalo was arrested for her involvement in a gang-related triple homicide in Lake Elsinore. Her role and association with two ex-convicts that are accused of gunning down three Lake Elsinore residents are currently unclear. They are each being charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of criminal street gang activity, with special circumstance allegations of taking multiple lives in the same crime and killing for the benefit of a criminal street gang. . (SOURCE; 27 January 2017)


Region X

OR – A man was shot early Saturday morning at Southeast Ninth Avenue and Sandy Boulevard. Portland Police Department assessed that the incident is gang-related, and several people suspected being involved in the shooting have been detaining. The shooting victim is not expected to die from the gun shot wound.  (SOURCE; 28 January 2017)


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