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24 JAN 17 Gang, Cartel, and Transnational Threats Reporting



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Region I

MA – A member of the Sycamore Street gang was arrested by police in Springfield and held for $10,000 bail. Police pursued the suspect after checking his vehicle’s registration as he was speeding through town. In addition to driving an improperly registered vehicle with a suspended driver’s license and illegally carrying a gun, he had additional warrants for his arrest. (SOURCE; 20 January 2017)


Region II

NJ – 12 members of the Red Breed Gorillas, a set of the Bloods gang, were arrested by a multi-agency task force in Newark.  A 10 month investigation led to their apprehension in which they will be facing weapons charges, drug distribution and possession of more than 160 doses of heroin and nearly 100 vials of crack cocaine. The Red Breed Gorillas’ drug operations have been responsible for a significant amount of increased violence and criminal activity in the area, and New Jersey State Police stated that nine more gang members are still at large. (SOURCE; 22 January 2017)


Region III

VA – The Danville Police Department will be concentrating their efforts to target the increase of gang-related crime and the growth of gangs.  Last year was designated as an historically violent year for the city in which Danville Police Chief Philip Broadfoot stated gang members had been directly responsible for the significant increase in local homicides, shootings, robberies and burglaries. The police department currently has 14 to 20 officers on patrol at a time, and it will increase the number of patrols in order to thwart and discourage gang activity. (Analyst Comment: The Bloods and Crips are the only known significant gang organizations currently in the Danville area.) (SOURCE; 22 January 2017)


Region IV

SC – Two members of the Cowboys gang based out of Walterboro plead guilty to federal racketeering and murder charges. The Cowboys, along with another Colleton County gang known as the Wildboys,  are linked to assaults, home invasions and the local drug trade. The combined federal and local law enforcement task force indicted 14 other gang members which resulted in a crippling blow to both gangs.  (Analyst Comment: The gang is affiliated with the Bloods, and they are also known as the Get Money Cowboys, or GMC.) (SOURCE; 17 January 2017)


Region V

MI – A gang member stabbed and killed a his co-worker in a molding plant near Cassopolis. William Henderson had mistakenly believed that the victim was a member of a rival gang and had disrespected him. Henderson confessed to the killing and apologized for his actions. (Analyst Comment: There was no specified information in the report pertaining to which gang Henderson holds membership.) (SOURCE; 19 January 2017)


Region VI

AR- Four members of the Slanga 96 gang are being charged with first-degree murder in Fort Smith. 18 year old Justin Lopez was targeted by the gang along with a list of other people who had allegedly disrespected Slanga 96. The suspects, which include 16 year old Jorge Andres Chirinos whom is being tried as an adult, are also being charged with Class Y terroristic acts felonies under Arkansas law. SOURCE; 18 January 2017)


Region VII



Region VIII

UT – A gang-related incident near Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City resulted in the shooting of a 14 year old girl. The girl was hospitalized in critical condition after shot were fired from an escalated confrontation. Despite multiple witness accounts the report was unclear whether the girl was the intended target or affiliated with any gang activity. (SOURCE; 21 January 2017)


Region IX

CA – Brian Mendez, aged 26, was found shot dead in an industrial park in Anaheim. Surveillance evidence shows images of Mendez’ body being dumped by unidentified assailants in SUVs. The police assess this to be a gang-related murder as they continuing their investigation. (SOURCE; 17 January 2017)


Region X

WA – Two teenaged men were arrested in connection to a shooting in Wapato. Surveillance of the incident confirmed details of the incident, and the police identified the 18 and 19 year old shooters as gang members during the course of the investigation. Both suspects are being held on a $1,000,000 USD bond.  (SOURCE; 18 January 2017)  (Analyst Comment: Yakima County has the most gangs per capita in Washington State.)




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