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13-19 June 16 – This Week in Intelligence & Espionage

This Week in Intelligence & Espionage (13-19 June)Your weekly roll-up of all things intelligence.

(Updated @ 10:30pm on 17 JUN)


In this report, read about this week’s…

  • U.S. & NATO intelligence activities
  • Russian intelligence activities
  • Chinese intelligence activities
  • Israeli & Middle Eastern intelligence activities

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North America

The U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) wants to defend against ‘Novel Organisms’.  While genomic sequencing projects are helping scientists understand more about biology and medicine, it’s also paving the way for designer biological attacks against specific human beings.  (Nextgov; 15 June)

Newly declassified documents detail the CIA’s torture program, including black site operations and mistaken arrests. (WaPo; 15 June)



Ukrainian counterintelligence has neutralized 30 subversive groups in the past 12 months.  (Censor; 16 June)



According to U.S. officials, there are hundreds of Russian spies operating in America.  While U.S. intelligence agencies lost focus on Russia over the past couple decades in favor of Islamic terrorism, SVR didn’t lose its focus on America. (NPR)

Hackers associated with SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service, gained illegal access to the Democratic National Committee’s computer system and retrieved opposition research on Republican candidate Donald Trump. (WaPo)


In late May, a U.S. government computer was targeted by a spear-phishing attack from a group affiliated with the Russian GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate). (Softpedia)




Chinese espionage is at an all-time high, according to experts citing statistics.  The number of FBI’s economic espionage cases increased by 53% from 2014-2015.  ”FBI investigations and arrests for industrial espionage and violations of export control laws are at an all-time high, predominately linked to the Chinese government,” said a former National Counterintelligence Executive. (MENAFM)

The Justice Department charged a former IBM-employee of Chinese nationality with economic espionage. (lohud)

Chinese cyber attacks against India continue, targeting Indian security and commercial networks.  The attacks originate from Chengdu Province, where the People’s Liberation Army’s Western Theatre Command is located.  The Western Theatre Command’s area of responsibility is the Indian border region. (Prameya)

A judge in Knoxville is set to rule on whether or not to free a U.S. citizen of Chinese descent, who was previously employed by the Chinese government and convicted by U.S. of nuclear espionage against the United States. (KnoxNews)



Israel & Middle East

After going missing several days ago, an unnamed senior Hamas commander is suspected of having defected to Israeli intelligence services. (Arutz Sheva; 15 June)







South America





Somalia Sacks Top Intelligence Officials (Garowe; 15 June)

Rwanda expels Burundians in case of espionage allegations. (Exchange; 16 June)


Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.

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