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07 FEB 17 Gang, Cartel, and Transnational Threats Reporting


Region I

RI – An 18-year-old gang member in Providence  was charged with felony assault on  a 17-year-old rival gang member.  Flint Benford had pistol-whipped the other gang member for reasons unspecified, and Benford was captured after fleeing from Providence police officers. Benford was held overnight for arraignment and the victim was treated at a hospital. (SOURCE; 1 February 2017)


Region II

NJ – 13 members of the Red Breed Gorillas gang were arrested in a New Jersey State Police gang sweep. The Red Breed Gorillas are a subgroup of the Bloods in Newark that face charges to drug distribution and possession as well as gang criminality. A judge in Essex County ordered three of 13 men to be held without bail pending trial. (SOURCE; 4 Febuary 2017)


Region III

MD – Eight members of the EA Bloods, a BGF-related gang, were arrested and charged by Baltimore Police for gang related crimes. The gang was indicted after a two month investigation in concert with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The leader of the gang Brandon Pride was indicted on more than 30 charges. (SOURCE; 7 February 2017)


Region IV

GA – Three alleged members of the Ghostface Gangsters’ criminal street gang were arrested during a routine traffic stop by the LaGrange Police. LaGrange Police stopped their vehicle after failing to yield at an intersection in which officers discovered the gang possessing drugs and multiple guns. The Ghostface members were charged with varying counts to include possession of marijuana and methamphetamines, theft of stolen property, possession of a firearm during commission of certain crimes. (SOURCE; 1 February 2017)


Region V

MI – Detroit gangs are using social media to distribute and publicize hit lists in the east side area of the city. Seven Mile Bloods and the 6 Mile Chedda Boys are involved in a street war in which they  post pictures of rival gang members that they want killed. 3 out of 10 people survived targeted attacks after being marked on posted Instagram hit lists.  SOURCE; (27 January 2017)


Region VI

TX – A 33 year old suspected Barrio Azteca gang member named Jose Zapata was arrested after trying to flee from a traffic stop in El Paso. Zapata was wanted by U.S. Marshals in connection with a gang-related shooting in New Mexico. Zapata was also wanted for a string of charges to include probation violation, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and drug trafficking charges. Authorities believe that Zapata could be involved in a recent kidnapping. (SOURCE; 3 February 2017)


Region VII

IA – A gang recruiter in Waterloo man who was previously convicted of recruiting teens into a street gang is now facing new charges. Vernon “Spunky” Montrell Webster was indicted by a federal grand jury with possession of a firearm as a felon. He was held pending a further hearing. (SOURCE; 1 February 2017)


Region VIII


Region IX

CA – Six suspected gang members were arrested on felony counts in the Ramona neighborhood of Riverside as part of an anti-gang targeting operation. The police department mandated probation searches, arrest and search warrants for documented gang members in the area. The gang’s charges range include probation violations, felony possession of firearms and drug paraphernalia. (SOURCE; 3 February 2017)


Region X

ID – A suspected gang member from Oregon was arrested by after attempting to evade apprehension by Caldwell police. The gang member was driving a stolen vehicle which reportedly crashed into multiple vehicles. Two female associates were also arrested for misdemeanor warrants and for resisting arrest. (SOURCE; 3 February 2017)

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