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02 – 08 July 16 – This Week in Intelligence & Espionage

This Week in Intelligence & Espionage (02-08 July)Your weekly roll-up of all things intelligence.

(Updated @ 1400 on 07 JUL)


In this report, read about this week’s…

  • U.S. & NATO intelligence activities
  • Russian intelligence activities
  • Chinese intelligence activities
  • Israeli & Middle Eastern intelligence activities

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North America

07 JUL: For years, the US government’s offensive hacking operations were kept in dark shadows, neither acknowledged nor discussed. That changed with the discovery of Stuxnet in 2010—a computer sabotage operation reportedly conducted by the US and Israel to destroy machines used in Iran’s once-illicit nuclear program. (Wired)

02 JUL: On a cold February night in 1986, Berlin’s Glienicke Bridge became the scene of the cold war’s last ever prisoner exchange – a dramatic hand-over involving a Soviet dissident and Karel Koecher, the only foreign agent ever known to have infiltrated the CIA. (Guardian)



07 JUL: Recently, the security company ESET has revealed an espionage toolkit called SBDH, used in espionage campaigns to target government organizations in Europe. Infections have been spotted in many countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and Ukraine. (CSNews)

07 JUL: Dzerzhynsk City Court in Donetsk region has sentenced a Donetsk native, who had held the post of the assistant commander of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) State Security Ministry’s counter-intelligence detachment, to 11 years in prison. (Interfax)



07 JUL:  A Russian double agent who fled to the U.S. has died, the Interfax news agency reported Thursday, citing unnamed sources.  Alexander Poteyev, a former colonel in Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Services (SVR), handed state secrets to American authorities before fleeing to the U.S. He was subsequently sentenced in absentia to 25 years imprisonment for treason in 2011. (MoscowTimes)



07 JUL: A human rights group on Wednesday demanded the release of a U.S. businesswoman held by mainland China for alleged espionage since last year, after a U.N. committee said she had been “arbitrarily detained.”  (ChinaPost)

02 JUL: The second in the first pair of Shijian-16 signals intelligence (SIGINT) and electronics intelligence (ELINT) spy satellites designed to spy mainly on the United States military in Asia has now reached its inclined orbit 600 kilometers above the Equator. (ChinaTopix)


Israel & Middle East

07 JUL: Germany’s domestic intelligence agency said in its annual report that Iran has a “clandestine” effort to seek illicit nuclear technology and equipment from German companies… (FoxNews)






Mike Shelby is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.

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